Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I Corinthians 13

A great devotional mechanism that my church, Puyallup Foursquare, uses is S.O.A.P. Which stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer. We corporately read through the Bible in a years time, and part of our reading came out of I Corinthians today. I just wanted to share with you what I got out of it, and pray that it helps you somewhere in your Christian walk.

S: I Corinthians 13:8a & 13, "Love never fails. And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love."

O: Love is the grandest of all--loves saves, by the blood of Jesus Christ. Love heals--by the stripes of Jesus Christ. Love overlooks and understands all--by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ.

A: If love is the grandest factor--and not just a mere emotion--why is it the hardest thing to achieve in my life? Why is it so hard to love family that seems abnormal--but in truth just needs that extra dose of love? Why is it so hard to love those friends or acquaintances that God has given me--but in truth just need an extra dose of love? Why is it so hard to love the lost, the blind, the seeking--when in truth they just need to see love, perhaps for the very first time in their life?

Is it selfishness that keeps me from loving as I should? Is it laziness? Is it pride? Do I feel as if I give love--but in reality it is superficial? What questions to ask, and to truly search my heart expecting God to answer!

P: Lord, thank you that the greatest "emotion" is love and that You give it so freely and to those who are unworthy--me being one who is unworthy of such love. Yet You look to the heart and see what is truly there--what is truly the lifeblood of our lives, our very souls! I pray that when You search my heart that You would find love--not just for You, as I love You above all things--but love for family, friends, church members, and more importantly the lost, the blind, the deaf/mute, the seeking! The ones who You want to bring into Your overwhelming love. I pray for divine appointments to reach out and love people. Just because I am no longer on the "mission field" in SE Asia, I am still on the mission field of God's eternal quest to share His love, mercy and grace to lost and hurting generations. Shame on me if I miss any opportunity to share the Love of Jesus Christ! Love never fails!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Home Again

We finally got home on Saturday morning to the airport about 8am. We were supposed to get in on Friday night; however, our plane was delayed in Hong Kong for an hour and a half due to bad brakes. Thus we missed our connecting flight from San Francisco back to Seattle. So all 24 of us were put up at the Hyatt Regency and were provided a nice dinner at their restaurant.

A couple of more side notes about our trip:

1. A Hindu cab driver was saved at a cell group in Bali that one of our groups attended while there!

2. While at one of the orphanages, some of us were able to pray for healing in a couple of the children, and saw that they were healed of their infirmities.

3. Worshipping in other countries, in other languages was great and also made us realize that we all serve the same God all over the world. It makes us get out of our small American minded way of thinking.

I am still getting used to the time difference back at home; however, I am doing fairly well. I made myself stay awake all day Saturday so that I wouldn't totally be out of whack! It is good to be home though!

Blessings and many thanks for all the prayers!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Last Night in Singapore

Hi all, we are back in Singapore and we head home tomorrow Friday the 24th. We leave at 5pm, and get to California at 5pm...weird!

We've had an awesome trip so far (because it truly isn't over, even in the fun times). We prayer walked Singapore, and went through temples and mosques. It is always an experience to go through the Buddhist and Hindu Temples and know that these people are so lost, and only Jesus can save them. We went to Bright Hill Temple where it was the "Blessed Day", which meant hundreds of people were in the temple praying along with the Buddhist monks leading. We only meant to stay about 90 minutes here; however, God had other things in mind. On this special day, the temple serves free lunch to the people that come in and pray. We walked in (and a bunch of white people are pretty obvious in an Asian culture), and somehow God divinely settled it that we were able to eat in the area that the Monks ate in, and at the same time. Talk about amazing! They wanted an opportunity to talk with us afterwards, which we did, and a few of our teammates prayed for them. Imagine the seeds that were sown that day!!

We then headed over to Malaysia where we met up with Pastor Christopher Nanda and his family. This was a great time of simply ministering to him and his family. He and his son were falsely accused of rape a few years ago, and it has greatly affected all of their lives. However, 4 of the 5 cases have been thrown out and they go back to court for the final one in the next month or so, which we are praying will be thrown out as well. We spent three days at the Nanda house with Mommy Margaret (his wife) and his daughters Veronica, Jessica, and Sharon and grandson Benjamin. It was wonderful! We cleaned, painted, cooked, did laundry anything to just bless them as a family and to let them know we loved them.

Christopher then took us to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysian Capital) where we looked around and saw the tallest twin towers. Then we tried to have our day of fun with them, but the water parks we went to were either under renovation or closed because they were cleaning the pools. So went to this jungle (I mean jungle), and hiked up to these waterfalls where we went swimming and fall sliding! The only weird thing was the tiny fishes that kept biting out toes!

From there we headed back to Singapore in order to catch a flight to Bali, Indonesia.

We went to a bible college, cell groups, and orphanages. It was great! I'll write more later. And yes, some of us even went surfing in the famous Bali waves (not me!) We were in Bali for 8 days.

Headed back to Singapore yesterday to finish up the last few days...the last day or so are always our fun days! We went out to Sentosa Island today...

...went down to the beach via a luge...way fun...spent a while swimming and then headed back to do whatever we wanted for the rest of the day. Then tonight we are headed out to Singapore Hard Rock Cafe, for our last big meal together!

I will post again with more details and more personal pictures once I get back. Thanks so much for all of your prayers and support.

Blessings! And remember, that it doesn't take going to a foreign country to be a missionary. God can and will use you right from your own backyard.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

We've Landed

Good morning all! Actually it is still Thursday back in the states, but here in Singapore it is 6:30 am. We arrived early this morning at about 12:30 am and slept in the airport. We are waiting for the MRT (Subway) to open so we can make it to the YMCA where we are staying while in Singapore.

It was a long flight. We flew Seattle to San Francisco, then San Francisco to Seoul Korea (11 hours). And our final leg was 6 more hours. So yes we have been in airports or airplanes for over 30 hours. Needless to say, we STINK!

We will be prayer walking through Singapore today and tomorrow and then having a church service for children at a church in Singapore on Sunday. After lunch Sunday we are headed over to see Pastor Christopher in Malaysia.

If I get the chance, I will get on and post again. If not, I will tell you all about it once I arrive home (at least after the jet lag has passed).

Love you all and remember to keep praying for us.

Monday, February 06, 2006

We're leaving on a jet plane......

Our Masters Commission students from Puyallup Foursquare are off to SE Asia on Wednesday. We are going to Singapore, Malaysia and Bali, Indonesia. There are 25 of us leaving at 4:30am on Wednesday morning, and arriving in Singapore at 12:30am on Friday. We will be prayer walking while in Singapore, and holding a children's church service on Sunday. While in Malaysia we will be working with a local, Pastor Christopher who is an amazing man of God. He is putting us to work...we don't know what we will be doing, but it will be great. Then we are off to Bali, Indonesia for 7 days where we will be working in orphanges, teaching at a Bible College, visiting villages, and working with a beach ministry. It is a jam packed 17 days, a lot of flying and not much rest.

Please remember to pray for our group, as we covet every prayer said on our behalf. Also, if you read this today, please pray for an incoming VISA for one of our students that has to be recived in tomorrow's mail in order for her to go on our trip.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Go Seahawks!!!

All right, I admit it...I am a fan only because the Seahawks are going to the Superbowl, but I truly do hope they win.

Just want to say, "GO HAWKS!!". I hope everyone has fun at their Superbowl parties tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'm Backwards

Ok so I posted all these great pictures of an MC event that we did; however, I did them in order of the event which made them come out backwards on the web. So if you scroll through all the new pictures you will come to my entry that explains the event.