Sunday, March 26, 2006

Interview Update

So I had my interview on Friday. I think it went well. I was interviewed by 6 people (principal, vice principal and counselors) so that i wasn't expecting. They said they would let the candidates know sometime this week. So until then, I just wait.

I do have a five week contract grading WASL tests though, so that is good.

I will let you all know if I get the job or not.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Job Interview

If you read this today, Friday March 24th please pray for me. I have a job interview at 2:15pm for an office position at a middle school in Tacoma. Please pray that I do what God wants me to do, and not what I want to do. I'm still struggling with whether to move to CA or stay here. So if God wants me to move, then I believe he'll just shut the door on this interview. And I believe if He wants me to stay he'll open the door wide.

UGH...I hate interviews!

I will post later tonight how it went. Thank you all my prayer warrior friends.

Monday, March 20, 2006


....the toughest sport on dirt!

I'm not much of a sports watcher. I don't get into football, basketball, and baseball; however, you bring around the boys of the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) and my eyes light up like its Christmastime. So most of you are thinking...she's just watching because the cowboys are cute and they look good in their wranglers. Well yes, that is one reason I watch :) However, I truly love the sport of bull riding. It is fascinating to me how a man can get up on a mean nasty looking tough bull week after week and ride for eight seconds. The get dumped on their heads, knocked off on their keisters, and who knows what else happens...yet they dust themselves off and away they go again. Our family has been watching bull riding since I was a little kid, going to local rodeos to watch one of my uncles ride. It's in my blood!

Working for KMPS I get tickets into events that we are working at, so we were set up at the Tacoma Dome on Sunday for the PBR. We sat in the "Built Ford Tough Tailgate Section". Which means that we were directly down from the shoots (where the riders come out) with a clear view of all that was happening. We had great comfortable stadium type seats. AWESOME! The cool thing about watching the rides on Sunday is that you get to watch the final round of 15 riders that were the best from Saturday and about 3 hours of bull riding.

This is Sean Willingham who beat everyone to take home all the money yesterday.

This is Jody Newberry who took second.

The way the PBR works though is by a points system, so even though these two came in first and second the top spot in the Ford Series is Adriano Moraes, a bull rider from Brazil, who is absolutely amazing.

The best part? As we were leaving ALL the boys were walking around signing autographs, and since we were already down on the concourse where they were walking I just stayed right were I was and got an autograph from every single rider who came out. It was cool. If you have never watched the PBR, check out the OLN (Outdoor Life Network) station and check it out.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Congratulations to the Burns Family

Welcome to the world Guenevere Grace Burns, born to friends Chris and Jenni Burns this morning at 7:02 am. What a beautiful name they have picked for such a beautiful gift from God! Congratulations goes out to the whole family, and I pray many blessings on Guenevere and guidance and protection throughout her life.

This is a family picture of the Burns with their two little boys. I'm sure if you link to the Burns (located in my friends section on the right) they will have pictures of Guenevere Grace soon.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Disney Cruise!

I'm so excited, I'm so excited....

I am headed to Port Canaveral, Florida in July to join up with my best friend Susana and her family for a vacation on the Disney Cruise Ship, Disney Wonder. We leave July 9th and return the 13th. We will be visiting Nassau, Bahamas and Disney's Castaway Bay. We will be seeing lots of Disney theatre presentations, swimming in the Mickey pool, and eating 24/7!

Whoo Hooo! Now, I just got to figure out how I'm getting to Florida!!!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006


So, I was required by the State of WA to attend a mandatory class to explain unemployment benefits and to encourage you in your search for a new job/career. I was supposed to take this class in February; however, with my trip to Asia I had to put it off for a month.

I have to admit, I went in with a terrible attitude. Thinking, "WHY??" I know how to job search, I know about unemployment benefits, I didn't like the lady who answered the phone and tried to help...the list goes on. So instead of being encouraged on how to search for a job, I left knowing that I needed to search my heart concerning my attitude towards the whole thing.

I am not above others. I have nothing more than those that are in the same boat as me with unemployment. Why do I think myself above these menial classes? Is it pride? Ouch! What I do have is Jesus Christ living in my heart, but was He evident today? Probably not and for that I do ask forgiveness.

My faith level has increased since being unemployed, as I am relying solely on God and his provision in my life. However, my attitude sometimes needs a little adjusting. Just as people go to a Chiropractor for regular adjustments, I find I need to go daily before the throne for my attitude adjustment. Thank you Jesus that I am mature enough to recognize the bad attitudes and snottiness that can come forth, and thank you that you forgive me and show me how to move on and which road to take.

I am still praying for open doors and direction during this time in my life. At my current "Y" in life, do I go to the left or go to the right? What is down each path waiting for me at the end? Have I hesiatated too long at the Y? Did God nudge me one direction, and I just didn't pay attention? Thank God, He is there at the Y making sure I make the right decision. And you know what? Even if I didn't make the perfect decision, I serve a God that can make that lesser decision the best for me life. What an awesome God. I firmly believe that the direction to take is coming soon.

Thanks for listening, or should I say reading.

Project Runway Winner

Ok....Marcie do not read any further if you haven't watched the finale of Project Runway!

So the three had their final runway show at Olympus Fashion Week last night! Debra Messing from Will and Grace was the celebrity judge...she is so cute! The collections were absolutely fabulous...ok, maybe Santino's wasn't fabulous. He decided to play it safe and didn't show much "Santino" in his work, which meant he was asked to leave the runway.

My favorite of course was Daniel's! Did you see the white coat he made...fantastic. The thing I liked about his collection was that it was so versatile. There were coats, pants, evening gowns, etc...a little something for everyone. fav didn't win....but he was offered a job by Michael Kors...impressive. that means Chloe took home the Project Runway Title. She did excellent work. She focused mainly on evening gowns, as she said that it was her fantasy to create evening gowns. I liked most of them, but not all of them.

Congratulation Chloe on a job well done!

So...just a quick note to ask, "Why do we have SNOW falling on March 9th?????" It is looking like a blizzard at my house, what's up with that?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Project Runway

Ok, I admit it...I am a Project Runway junkie. I started watching it last season and continued through this second season. If you haven't seen it, it airs Wednesday nights at 10pm on Bravo TV. It is a fabulous design show that auditions thousands, narrows it down to 16 designers for the season and then eliminates them all to get to the final 3!!! Along the way, they are asked to create designs for various competitions....a My Scene Barbie Doll, outfit for Nicky Hilton, a dress for model Iman, an outfit made out of all flowers. These people are simply amazing.

Anyways, the finale is on tomorrow night. The final 3 had to create a wardrobe of 12 outfits and they are showing them at fashion week. So who do you think is going to win? I really want Daniel V. to win; however, I think Santino might sneak through and take the prize.

Daniel V. is my favorite and I hope he is his Bio:

Daniel, a recent graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, has traveled the world over in order to broaden his fashion technique and cultivate his talents as a designer. From fashion seminars by Li Edelkoort in Florence, Milan and Paris to working at Gorland/Ittiere in London, Daniel has been a committed globetrotter in order to find his place in the fashion world.

His efforts were rewarded when he was chosen as one of two students from F.I.T. to participate in Milan’s international design competition Milano Studia la Moda in November 2004. He also received critical acclaim when critic Emilio Cavalini chose Daniel’s design for his own window display during the Pitti Filati 2004/2005 Trend Show. Daniel then returned to the United States to gather more experience working alongside fashion designer Sari Gueron as an intern for the spring ’05 season in New York City.

Though designing is Daniel’s principal passion, he has also achieved professional status as a dance instructor/choreographer as well as being a competitive national gymnast for 12 years. Daniel’s zest for life continues to expose him to new ideas and people, leading him to the cast of Project Runway. When he is not designing, Daniel intends to continue pursuing other interests such as learning the violin by the time he’s 25 and learning to surf before age 30.

Santino isn't my favorite because of his attitude and comments to the other designers; however, I do think he is talented. And when he isn't trying to shock the world he has some great designs. Here is his Bio:

Santino Quinto Rice was born and raised in St. Charles, Missouri. At 17, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a fashion designer. Santino graduated from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. School helped him organize his thoughts; however the hands-on experience he gained from working in the fashion industry was his move valuable education. While still in school, Santino began assisting acclaimed artist/designer Tony Duquette. This experience was one of the biggest turning points in Santino’s life. The knowledge he learned from Duquette was invaluable.

With a love for the process of making things, Santino was adamant on learning everything he could about dressmaking. Santino became skilled at all the technical aspects of garment construction. When designer positions were not available, Santino could easily keep afloat financially by taking other positions such as “cutter” or assistant designer, due to his knowledge and experience. Working behind the scenes at many Los Angeles fashion companies, Santino became indispensable to other designers. He continues honing his craft to prepare for the day when he establishes his own label.

Santino is constantly looking for something he has never seen before. Known for bringing an exotic and handcrafted touch to his garments, Santino believes in the concept of infusing worth and importance to a garment, he does this through handwork and various finishing techniques.

Chloe, what can I say? She is cute and she has great designs. I just like Daniel V. better. Here is a condensed bio (as it was extremely long...)

Chloe Dao, a Vietnamese born in Pakse, Laos, is living the American dream. Born the sixth child of eight girls in her family, she emigrated to the U.S. with her family in 1979 and settled in Houston, Texas.

By the age of ten, Chloe saw her first episode of “Style with Elsa Klensch” on CNN and knew she wanted to be a fashion designer. She majored in marketing at the University of Houston, but after one year in college she realized her childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer had to be fulfilled.

Inspired by her mother, a successful business owner, Chloe began her pursuit of becoming a designer and enrolled in the fashion design program at Houston Community College. After one semester, she took a week vacation to New York City that turned into an eight-year career.

In 1992, Chloe enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology with a focus on pattern making. Before graduating, Chloe worked with Madame Rossuel, a costume couture shop where she was first exposed to couture details and techniques, the art of window displays and the management of a sole proprietor business.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hindu Parade

We were in Singapore during the last few days of the Chinese New Year celebration. During this time there are numerous parades for all different sorts of activities and religions. We were headed out from the YMCA where we were staying, and saw this Hindu parade going by. All the men were carrying these enormously heavy contraptions that were attached to their bodies with needles and bolts. There wasn't just one or two in this parade, but tons and the parade was still going on when we got home in the early evening.

Again, another man in the Hindu parade. It is amazing that they believe that they need to go through so much pain to worship their gods. Isn't it nice to know that we don't have to go through this physical pain to be close to our God? The only pain we need to go through is the death of our selves daily as we pick up our Saviour's cross!

Lunch with the Monks

Carol, Myself, and Harrison during our lunch with the Buddhist Monks at Bright Hill Temple in Singapore.

We had the opportunity to eat lunch with Buddhist Monks during their Blessed Day. What a God divine opportunity we had....this is a group of us listening after lunch was through.

Laura and Melissa...great girls!

This is a giant Buddha that is located at Bright Hill Temple. This particular temple is one of the largest in Singapore. It actually has five different temples on site, which start at the bottom of the hill and go up, each supposedly more holy than the next. This particular Buddha is quite large, and was new this year. While at this same temple we had the opportunity to watch a Buddhist funeral. Very sad knowing that the are not going to Heaven!

Pastor Christopher

This is Pastor Christopher Nanda and his wife Molly Margaret, who we all call Mommy Margaret. They were our hosts while in Malaysia...great man of faith!

Futbol Anyone!

While in Malaysia with Christopher he took us out to a big field to play soccer. He plays regularly with a bunch of locals...which I am sure is his way of ministering to people as well as having fun.

Not a great close up picture; however, if you see any flash of white skin...that is us! The boys had a great time playing soccer, while the rest of us watched the bats flying around and wondering if any of the cobra snakes in teh jungle behind them would come out and get us!

You always watch those movies where you see piles of people in the back of big trucks and wonder how they can fit anymore in the truck, and is it really safe. And you think to yourself, "I hope I never have to ride in one of those!" Well...we did! This is how we got to the soccer field, all of us piled into the back of a big truck and away we went.

Sunday School in Singapore

While in Singapore, we were able to have Sunday School for a local church. They sent us all the materials before we left for our trip, so the students had time to prepare. They all did a fantastic job!

There is a song called, "Jesus is my Superhero!" and they did a dance to it. Very good job done by all...especially Chandler who got to fly like Superman!

This is a group shot of the kids in their Sunday School Class!

This is one of our first year students, Melissa B, telling a story about storms (those are storm makers behind her), and how they make lots of noise and at times the lights even go out; however, with Jesus we never have to be scared for He is our light at all times. Way to go Sista!

This is some of our guys playing soccer with some of the kids and adults after church.

Some Fun Times Too!

Of course we have fun times in the middle of mission trips. God created fun right alongside the times of ministry!

This is me having some fun shopping in the Chinatown part of Singapore. I don't think those sunglasses are really quite right for my face what do you think? Of course I bartered for a new pair...$5!

This is a picture of Jonathan, Jessica, Katie and Myself getting ready to luge down the hill to Sentosa Island in Singapore. It is a combination of luge and go sit down and control the luge with the handle bars. Very fun...a little slippery as it had been pouring just a few minutes before we got on!

Village Children

We visited a village while in Bali, and had the opportunity to give each child that came out a toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss. Then one of our young ladies, Nikki, gave a lesson on how to properly brush your teeth. Going to a dentist in a third world country is not really a priority for these people, so any help they get is a blessing. They loved all of us taking their pictures...especially the boys (now how does that differ from boys here in the US?)

These girls in this picture gave us a little demonstration of how they dance. It was very beautiful and poignant. However, it was very sad to me how they were dancing when I learned later a little bit more about the dance. I was told by one of the people that took us out to the village that the dance is a dance that the girls learn as children, so that when they get older they can dance in the temples. So more or less it is how they worship to their gods. It was very sad to me, as I see worship as a freedom of my love for God, and their dance was very regimented and controlled.

Praying for Students

Here are some pictures from our trip, as I promised

This is a group of our students praying for the Bible College Students in Bali, Indonesia. These students come from mostly Hindu and Buddhist backgrounds, and once saved usually rejected by their families because of their new faith. They attend the College for one year, and then are sent to remote places in Indonesia to church plant and become a part of the community, learning how to share Jesus to those people. We have a lot to learn from these students.

This is Dustin, Kim, and Ashley leading worship at the same Bible College. It was weird to hear familiar worship songs, and then hear the words in a foreign language. I could never sing the songs, because my brain couldn't disassociate what I was hearing from what I knew.