Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Superbowl Ad Contest

Remember this picture I took and posted around the fourth of July! Well, I used it to enter a contest over at fuelmyblog, and guess what I'm a top ten finalist! What is the prize? Oh a trip to LA to see a Superbowl Ad filmed with the MyBowlAd guys, and I you get to be in it as well (like I know so much about the Superbowl...although I do miss those beer frog commercials). So even though I don't know much about the actual superbowl, I am an entertainment freak and relish watching commercials during the Superbowl....like I said the frogs! How bout the Clyesdale Horses! I want my 15 seconds of FAME!
So, I'm supposed to say WHY I need, er, um want to be in a SuperBowl Ad:
1. I am hysterically funny and would add great humor to any event
2. My laugh can be heard a mile away...that means I'm funny
3. I'm a quick learner...you can give me directions and I'll follow immediately :)
4. I want to be the envy of all my guy friends who are avid SuperBowl fanatics
5. I've always known I was destined to be on TV is some form or fashion
6. Don't you think I'd be great on TV....do you see a pattern here?!?
7. I've always wanted to hear those words, "Lights, Camera, Action"
8. I might come close to Matthew McConaughey down in LA...a girl can always dream!
9. Glory
10. My "Humptulips River" sign is damn funny!!!

Anyway....I've been thinking of how this picture got me into the finals. Seriously, how funny is it to be driving down the road and see a sign that says "Humptulips River" it's enough to give you a heart attack or cause a car accident because you are laughing so hard. Or give you naughty thoughts about what happens in this river....and why is it that the tulips are humping (did I say that out loud!)...you would think it would be the fish or other marine life! Or it just might make you pee your pants...because at 32 I am obviously mature enough to handle this sign!!! And would you really want to eat anything that was caught from the humptulips? Yeah, I'm thinking not. As a scrapbooker....a fishing page from the HUMPTULIPS would look great in the family photo album! Man oh man, Washington State has some funny names of places.

Anyway...when I know the final details on how you can go vote for me to win I'll let you know!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Final Book of Harry Potter

For those of you who aren't fanatics like me concerning the outcome of Harry, Ron and Hermione you probably didn't know that the final book was released last weekend! I, of course, knew and went and bought my book last Saturday. However, due to my need to get schoolwork done and not wanting to start the book until I had time to sit down for HOURS on end and read I waited until Thursday night to start this the final book in the Harry Potter series.

I started on Thursday night, read for three or four hours and then I finished up last night with another four hours of reading (789 pages). This book was fantastic...it was a book that started with action from the get-go and didn't stop until the last page. It is sad to think that there will be no more stores of Harry and his friends, but I can see where writing this would be draining on J.K. Rowling. I know that there are many Christians who don't think Harry Potter is proper reading; however, as an educated individual this is probably one of the best written pieces of literature (the whole series in fact) that has been written in years! Yes, you have to understand that there is evil in these books, but isn't there evil in our actual world. I think that if you take the time to educate your children, if you have any, about the truth they will be able to read this as a fun book. As for adults, I would hope that you would know how to discern good vs. bad, and enjoy this as a piece of well-written art! I certainly enjoyed it!

Alas, I won't let you in on how the book ends and the fate of Harry. However, I will tell you that J.K. Rowling didn't lie when she said people would die in this book. As a reader of all the books, I really enjoyed that she incorporated characters from long ago...everyone had a part in the battle agains Lord Voldemort. It was fascinating to see how all the characters, main ones and minor, developed over the seven year time span of this series. I for one would love it if Rowling changed her mind and we got to read more about Harry and friends.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Who knew that Hockey was just an intense sport? I went to a hockey game years ago as a teenager...great if you like looking at boys....not so great if you want to have conversation during the game. Those boys takes their sport seriously! Little tidbit I learned off of Jeopardy lately....The NHL (Hockey league ladies) is the only sports league to ever have a complete walk out/strike during the season and not play....I thought that was interesting.

Anyways....The NHL Draft has been taking place lately and the people are moving around like crazy. You can check all the info out on the website, and a great littel website it is. It gives you tons of news releases, the top 5 Picks and what teams are in Round 1 and Round 2. They are very thorough on this site, which I like. You don't have to go from site to site looking for the info that you are looking for! Very nice! What's even cooler is that they give you top prospects from places around the world....you have to scroll down a bit for it, but...it's cool! You can also roam throughout the site quite easily looking at all information and news pertaining to the NHL Hockey Leagues and about the sport! Have fun all you sport fanatics!!

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Thursday, July 26, 2007


This is one of my least favorite things to do! UGH!!! I started last night up in the craft packing up my scrapbook stuff...YES most of my scrapbook stuff is coming with me to California. I need to have it by my side as a security blanket! :) I have way too much stuff.

Tonight, I worked for about 45 minutes in my room. I made a storage pile, a goodwill pile and a huge bag of garbage. Again, UGH!

You have to understand that I haven't had a truly permanent spot for years, so most of my stuff is actually in storage. There are days that I don't even remember what I own anymore! I might as well just sell my storage unit off and start over! Oh I can only imagine the day that I get my own house or apartment and have somewhere to put everything.

Don't forget that I still have boxes of stuff over at my sister's house in Moses Lake....she has been crating around all my Christmas stuff (Mind you, she uses my stuff every Christmas), plus a few more boxes of who knows what. And when I was there last week I saw some cool shelves I bought a few years ago out in the garage. I think that above all else....husband, children, work, etc...I want a permanent place on this Earth. Granted it would be wonderful if that permanent place included a husband and kids....put I've come to be content with the single life.

So, I'm taking a break for now...I think that I am going to go start the last Harry Potter book!


So obviously I'm an advocate of online learning, as I am taking my Masters Degree through an online program. There are so many online learning programs out there that it is hard to determine which is the best, and what route is the best to go. I guess my suggestion would be to write out everything that interests you to narrow down a field that you are looking into, and then start researching online learning facilities that match up with what you are wanting to do. This is a great way to get an education. And education means more money in a lot of work positions out there. A lot of times online learning is less expensive than going to a four year university somewhere. The biggest advantage is that you get to go at your pace! Take a look and see if this works for your situation right now!

Right now a great e-learning place is Capella University! They recently launched new degree programs and 8 new graduate and undergraduate specializations in:
  • psychology
  • education (obviously my fav)
  • business
  • information technology
  • public safety

And what's more? They are a fully accredidated program...this is very important when you are looking at colleges...online or in person!

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I was tremendously irresponsible with the usage of credit cards when I was younger, and unfortunately I am paying for it still today! However, let me be an encouragement to all of you. When you are faithful to God, and by this I mean tithing and being obedient, he will bless you beyond your wildest imaginations! At one point in time I had probably 7 credit cards with close to 10,000 dollars on them....that is a lot of money when you don't make much. However, I determined a few years ago to get my act together and work towards being debt free. Nope, I'm not there yet! However, I did just finish paying off another credit card!!! Yeah I love looking at the balance and seeing $0.00!!!!! Plus look at the fabulous car God gave me! I still have a few cards left...but slowly and surely they are getting paid off!

The lesson? Don't be stupid with credit cards! But more importantly....be obedient to God and He will help you dig out of pits that you create yourself! Don't we serve an awesome God?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Good Morning Baltimore!

Meet the cool kids of Baltimore and the host of the Corny Collins Show....Corny Collins! Yep, I have a new favorite movie....Hairspray!

Ok, so I went and saw this movie on its opening night...Friday, with my sister, Maddy and Mason (although Mason didn't let me sister watch much of the movie). And it was in Moses Lake, WA, that I secretly fell in love with Zac Efron...cutie patootie from High School Musical who plays Link! I liked it so much that I went and bought the soundtrack on Saturday and have been listening to it in my car since then!

Really, though if I have to like someone a bit closer in age to me....I would have to say that I also think James Marsden who plays Corny Collins, the host of the local dance show, is pretty darn good looking too....and he can sing and dance as well! Such talented people!

Really though...how much do I love this show? Well, I went and saw it again tonight with Holly, Rodney and Shirley (Holly's Grandma)....again...it was fantastic. Newcomer Nikki Blonsky, who plays Tracy Turnblad is hilarious as is John Travolta who plays her mom Edna. Actors from the original movie are in it as well....Jerry Stiller and Rikki Lake (The original Tracy Turnblad). You have to go see this movie...you will dance out of the theater.

I've been telling my best friend Susana for years that I think life should just be one big musical. I would love to sing and dance through the day (although I have a difficult time remembering the words to songs!)....maybe someday I'll have the chance to be in a "real life" type musical. Until then I think I'll go listen to my soundtrack and pretend that I'm the next regular on the Corny Collins Show!

Freeze IT!!!!

I am not one who usually uses creams and stuff for stiff limbs and sore spots. However, I have had a nagging ache in my left shoulder for a few weeks now...who knows maybe I slept wrong! Plus all the stress of last week with my nephew made it worse I think! So, I was given samples of this new product Freeze It! I was asked to use it and tell you what I think...I love to tell people what I think! It is really a great product. The first think I noticed when I opened up my packet of gel and squirted it in my hand was that it wasn't sticky. You know a lot of products are sticky or so creamy that once you have it in your hands you have to wash your hands. With this product I didn't feel as if my hands were saturated with oil or cream....that made me feel confident putting it on my shoulder. I was putting it on last night before going to bed and certainly didn't want to have gummy gel all over!

The second thing I noticed was the cool mentholatum smell....to some that seems weird. But I grew up with Vick's Vapor rub and loved the smell, so this reminds me of childhood remedies for pain! Once I put it on my shoulder I immediately felt the soothing cool relief of the soreness in my shoulder. This stuff went deep into the stiffness and did its magic. Now I'm not a doctor nor a scientist so I don't know how all that stuff works about gel feeling cool, yet hot as it worked on my shoulder. I just know that for at least 45 minutes I could feel the Freeze It working. This is definitely a great product.

Even better? It's not very expensive....you can buy it for $9.99 and it comes in a gel or a rub on stick. You can buy it online or at places like Target and Walmart.
So basically I'm telling you that this was a great product and that you should try it out. Me? I think I might use it on my neck which has been hurting lately as well....I'm thinking I should start avoiding stress!

Hello All

Yep, I'm back! You can always tell when I've been away and when I come back when you see Payperpost ads on my blog!

Anyway...what's new with Rachel? Thanks for asking, I'll let you know:

  • Sadie and I are doing well (that's my car for those of you who don't know)
  • My nephew who was attacked a week ago by a dog is doing much better!!!! His eye is going to be fine and the bruising is pretty much gone...you can see some scars but Praise God nothing major happened!
  • I am still moving...the move date is August 8th...why a Wednesday? Oh, because my friend Alissa is coming with and she has to work the 7th!
  • School.....I am finishing my last two classes for this term. My goal is to work my butt off and get them finished in the next two weeks so I don't have to worry about them while I move, find a new job, find a place to live, etc!

LASTLY!!! My Birthday is coming up! I know it isn't until September 16 (Happy BD to James on the same day!); however, in my family I am well known for telling everyone way early that my birthday is coming. ALthough I did teach that trick to Mason last week and now he is going around asking people, "Who's Birthday is coming up?" "Masons!" His is in August!

Blessings to all who prayed for Mason, our family truyly appreciates it. We know we saw a miracle last week! Have a fantabulous week and stary warm or dry or cool...depending on the particular day you find yourself in here in the Pacific NW!

BP Whiting Refinery

I know that all of us who keep up on the news locally and around the nation pay attention to articles that have to do with our environment. In fact, my friend Marcie just put up ideas for being green and helping the environment from your home! Throughout the US there are many big companies that work day in and day out on projects that we might not even think twice about. However, there was recently an article in the Chicago Tribune about the opening of a BP refinery in Whiting (near Lake Michigan) which misrepresnted the actual facts concerning the opening of this refinery! You can check out the Chicago Tribune article yourself if you'd like (I know people want to read first hand then check out the facts). Side Note: You will have to register on Chicago Tribune's Site to read any of their news articles.

Here is another article that you can compare from The News-Sentinel.Com (out of the Fort Wayne area) which represented the facts more appropriately!

So what was misrepresented and what is the truth in regards to the building of this new BP Refinery in Whiting? You can read the main facts about the refinery here: BP Document. And I'll tell you about a few:

  • Water going into Lake Michigan--it will only be treated water going into the lake. Nothing more than water is going back into the lake...no chemicals, no impurities, just water!
  • Environmental and People Harm--There is none! They are being very careful to maintain safeguards to environment and to people who come in contact with the refinery or work there....
  • In fact this refinery is bringing tons of new jobs to the midwest, and in an era where work is hard to come by this is GREAT!!!
  • Fuel for the Midwest--This is another GREAT component for a country where the gas prices are sky high and fuel is hard to come by!

You can read all these facts and more at the BP Whiting Refinery Fact Sheet. Check it out and make your own educated conclusion...you will see that this refinery is a good thing for our economy and not the monster that some newspapers have made it out to be!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Don't Look if you get Quesy....

I know not everyone wants to see Mason's eye; however, I'm sure my Mom is wanting to know how bad it looks...so here you go!

To the left is Mason and his friend Lichtenstein....his IV. I've been told that he and his Mom watch "A Knight's Tale' a lot! He got to walk around everywhere with the IV; however, it is quite difficult to keep an active 3 year old down and out!
Look even with a black eye he is smiling for Auntie...gruesome heh? He still can't open his eye, although it is looking like he might be able to tomorrow!

This picture is taken a few days ago...Monday I think when we got to Sacred Heart...maybe it was yesterday...the days kind of run together when you are in the hospital!

This is Mason being funny and showing me how he can puke in the cute pink bucket! We made a mini movie of him showing me how he can puke...weird child!

This is a picture I took when he first came home from the Moses Lake ER on Sunday night. He was really out of it here! Poor baby!

Monday, July 16, 2007


I was on my way to Moses Lake yesterday to visit my family and got a phone call that my 3 year old nephew Mason was attacked by a dog and in the emergency room. The Moses Lake ER sent him home last night and we went in to the Pediatrician today who immediately sent him to Sacred Heart in Spokane to be admitted! He is going to be looked at in the next hour or so. What they are most worried about is his eye. The dog bit him on top of the head, the shoulder and right above his eye. Right now, his eye is swollen shut and they are worried about the damage to the eye. Please pray that the eye is safe and that his recovery is quick. He is in good spirits...except that he keeps yelling at us to go home!

I'll keep you posted!

8:05 pm...update....Mason was looked at by the opthamologist who said everything looked fine! He still have to stay in the hospital a few days to make sure that infection doesn't set in. Him and I just finished walking around the ped floor for awhile with his IV stand "Lichenstein"...where he came up with that name I'm not sure! Thanks for everyone who has prayed.

Friday, July 13, 2007

My favorite Zim Girl

I stole this picture today! Thanks Marcie!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures of me and my favorite girl from Zimbabwe....Chipo!! I got to talk with her on the phone last week for almost an hour.....it was FANTASTIC!!! I use pingo.com and so I can call overseas for really cheap. I'm trying to make more of an effort to call her! It is hard being away from people you know and who love you to distraction and who only want God's best for your life. So a little love from the USA and some much needed encouragement is always welcome! I always tear up the first few seconds because she sounds so surprised that someone would actually call her all the way from WA State to ZIMBABWE, AFRICA!!!

If you know this girl you know that she is amazing! She touches lives and makes things just a bit brighter. If you don't know this girl...you should....if not at least look her up when you get to heaven because she will make you crack up!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm a bad car owner....

...if there was a CPS for car owners someone probably would have turned me in yesterday! Ugh.....I had some tealight candles, in their plastic box inside of a large envelope....they melted through everything and onto my front passenger seat! They are the kind of tealights that are really oily so not much scraped up once it hardened overnight! Even worse, is the overwhelming smell of candles....UGH!!!! Anyone have any ideas on how to melted candle out of the upholstery of your car?

Monday, July 09, 2007

Garage Cabinets

Calling all men! Do you love hangin' out in your garage? Is it nice and tidy like you want it to be? No?! Check out this site that has everything you could ever need to make your garage look spectacular...including garage cabinets, flooring, workbenches, car lifts, refrigeration, storage systems, lighting, and much more. I am very impressed by the items being sold on this site. There is definitely something for everyone here! There are vivid colors that will look great in your garage! These guys definitely know how to outfit your garage!

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Milk Carton Derby Races

Here in Seattle we have something called SEAFAIR...it's a pretty big deal (although I'm not much into it)....we have hydroplane races, marathons, pirates landing and this last weekend we had the Milk Carton Derby Races at Greenlake in Seattle. I got the opportunity to watch the races as I was down there with KMPS (I work for a country music radio station). It was actually kind of fun to watch. WOW! These people really get into the spirit of things. Check out some of the boats made from Milk Cartons.

This is an amazing boat! When they got out in the water they had three little baby ducks following behind! To get into the boat they lifted the wing and crawled in....amazing what you can do with milk cartons and still stay afloat on the water!

This was probably one of my favorites....it even had smoke coming out of its nose! Where the rowers sat? I'm not sure! And I'm not sure that the people who built this are sane...that is way too much time and energy!

I saw this one and thought of my friends Ben and Heather who race jeeps with their family. Sadly, this jeep didn't make it too far once it got in the water!

I took this picture for Rodney who is a huge Seahawks fan. Again...this one didn't fly so well..it was way behind the pack. But hey hawks are supposed to be in the air not in the water!

This was the one I voted to win the KMPS "Most Country" Award. It was a wagon with horses! The wheels are the paddles and they had a little girl up on the seat pretending to drive the wagon! Way cute!

As you can see, if you are planning on entering next year's Seafair Milk Carton Derby Race you better start thinking of ideas now and building soon otherwise you are going to be blown out of the competition!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Introducing Sadie

Here she is ladies and gentlemen...my new baby girl!

Isn't she sweet! She came to me on Tuesday July 3rd, 2007!

I know that there are people out there who name their cars just like me! I've name my new 2007 Saturn Ion...Sadie! She's Fantastic!

What is the name of this Place?

Um, yeah for those of us who live in WA State and the Pacific NW...we usually aren't amazed by the unusual names of cities, rivers, and other places; however, this one was too funny to pass up!

I don't think I want to eat anything caught in this river!

The Promise Land

So we kind of took an out of the way detour on what we thought was the right Hwy 101, but um...yeah it took us about 80 miles out of our way! However, while wandering lost (sound familiar to those of you who read the Bible?) we found the Promised Land....

Ok...so I didn't realize God made the Promised Land into a recreation area...hmmm...I think I'm going to have to ask Him about that one day!

More 4th of July Pics

You can't celebrate the Fourth of July without recognizing the glory of the American Flag!

Here's a view of the ocena from a watch tower in Westport

A little blurry...but this is Miracle Ranch in Purdy where we got to watch an awesome firework show! Thanks goes out to those fabulous um...pyro technicians...Josh, Rodney, & the Downing Brothers!

Barbara sitting by the campfire

Charlie...he always has a smile on his face!!

Beach Time

I have to say...I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA...Holly, Rodney, Gwen and I took a trip out to Westport for the fourth of July....we had no agenda and no hurry to be anywhere. We ended up on the beach for a few hours...where we frolicked in the beach like little kids (ok, that might be stretching it a bit!). Gwen and I went on a treasure hunt while Rodney and Holly napped in the sun! There were some great waves and some brave people out there attempting to surf...I say attempting because in all the time we were there I saw one person get up on their surf board and actually surf!
Beautiful Waves...I'm looking forward to learning how to surf in the warm waters of California!

That my friends is what they call water...can you say it with me? W*A*T*E*R!

Treasures that Gwen and I found on our treasure hunt...they actually went home with Holly!

Just the three of us (Rodney had to take the picture!)....Holly, Gwen and Rachel!

Bomb Pops!

One of my favorite summertime memories from childhood are BOMB POPS!!! I loved waiting for the sound of the popsicle man coming through our neighborhood. We didn't always get to buy something from him, but on those days that we did...my oh my...I almost always bought a Bomb Pop. Lo and behold when I was at Wally World one day, I decided to see what kind of popsicles they had and....they had BOMB POPS! Yes, they taste as great now as they did then!

So here are some pictures...taken with my new digital camera (That I finally got hooked up to the computer...not my new computer, but oh well). Me and Dajia swingin' on the front porch enjoying our popsicles.

That first taste can be sour sometimes!

Here I go again for another taste....um...I should come to Auntie Rachel's more often!!

Oh yeah baby! Those are the best....now if only I can convince my Mommy and Daddy to move to a neighborhood where the popsicle man visits everyday....and find lots of quarters in my Daddy's pocket or down inside the couch!!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Breathe Rachel, Breathe....

OMG!! So super excited!!!

I bought a car today! What? Wait for it...

.....2007 Saturn ION....it only has 50 miles on it!!!!


Even better....nothing down....0% interest.....

So besides the fact that I got a new car, I qualifed for 0% interest!!!!! To me, that is the best answer to prayer ever....I have been working very hard at getting my credit rating back to good and it happened....


Monday, July 02, 2007

Flying Termites

I know, I know not a topic that most people want to hear about; however, you have to realize that termites can be and are a big problem for a lot of people. In fact, I have a friend who used to be an exterminator and the stories he has to tell....

So for all those questions you have on flying termites: what are they, how do you get rid of them, how do you keep them gone, and everything else you wanted to know check out this guide to getting rid of termite infestations. Having advance knowledge of things may help you out in the long run. You don't want to be trying to figure out how to get rid of those pesky termites when they've already invaded!

This post sponsored by killthetermites.com

For those of you who read this....

....please go to my Whogets.com current contest entry for the movie Just Friends and vote for me to win!!!! This is my fourth contest right now, and sad to say I'm not winning any of them!

In other news...nothing much happen' here! I worked this weekend at the Taste of Tacoma, I did some homework, went to church and vegged on the couch watching TV last night.....TLC has some fascinating shows on late at night!

Happy July!