Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bath Time

I went to my Grandma's house this weekend and scanned pictures all weekend! In total, I scanned over 650 pictures...pictures of old black and whites of family members I don't know and lots of pictures of us as kids!

Me and my sister Shannon sharing a tub outside!

Can't believe we were ever small enough to both of us in that tub!

What a cute tush that is!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tampon Anyone?

Girls, we've all seen the tampon machines in any public bathroom that we've gone into (in fact there are a few arenas that I've been to that they have them sitting out free!) Can anyone tell me if they've actually purchased merchandise from one of these machines?

Here is my quirky thought for the day...

My work (which I suppose should remain anonymous...but hey, why? Babies/Toys R Us in Tukwila) just reopened its new store and this machine is in our womens' restroom. The thing that I don't get is why is it still EMPTY after five months of being open. The next thing I don't understand is why are companies still putting them in bathrooms? Do they really think that we don't carry female items in our purse?

I know...such a random thought/picture, but had to share with someone!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Way too HOT!!!

I am sitting here multi-tasking as usual....laptop out, tv on and a book nearby! Right now I'm watching The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.

I just have to say that this man is just a wee bit hot!

However, no matter how hot Mr. Reynolds is...my all-time love is David Boreanaz, aka, Seeley Booth! YUMMY!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Um, do you forgive me?

Yes, I am a slacker!

I have come over to my blog throughout the last year and keep thinking to myself, "I really need to post something to my blog!" I had been so faithful in writing on my blog and sadly, I have let it go to the wayside the last year.

Do I have excuses? Nope! Not one! But do you forgive me anyway? I know that there is at least one person out there that reads this...so please forgive me! I promise to write a bit more faithfully this year.

So what have I been up to this year?

1. Still, and I mean still, looking for a full-time teaching position. Since last summer I probably sent out or filled out online applications for at least 50 openings. I even applied to the Houston, TX, school district...moving forward and even getting a phone interview with one school. I have had a few interviews during this school year for positions that I am not fully qualified for (but was favored with interviews anyway)....but did not get the jobs. I have been subbing frequently this year, but really need and want a full-time position! I know God called me to be a teacher and I know that he has the best job out there for me.

2. Church: I started attending Lifespring Foursquare Church a year ago and I am really liking it. It took me awhile getting into the groove and getting involved but I am slowly but surely getting more involved! I attend our young adult group (Converge) get togethers and try to make it to the events for women. It is a part hard making all activities as I am working a part-time retail position in order to make extra income.

3. Family: most of my family...meaning my two sisters and all their kids, live in Idaho Falls, ID which is a 15 hour drive from my house! My Dad and I made the trip over at Christmas time but holy camoly that is a freaking long drive! I do see my Dad every 4-5 weeks (should probably be more since he only lives 30 minutes from me!) and I need to see my Mom more (she only lives 3 hours away!). Still missing my Grandpa who passed away last March and visit with my Grandma on the phone frequently...I get to go see her in a few weeks!

4. Finances: Mine SUCK! Not having a full-time job right now has been very difficult. There have been weeks that I have very, very little in the checking account! The reason I even say anything is to let you know that I firmly believe that I serve Jehovah Jireh...which is God my Provider! He never lets me down...He never forsakes me and He always is watching out for me!

Even though this has been a very difficult year for me in regards to job and finances, and I have felt like I am being crushed and suffocating many, many times MY GOD WILL SEE ME THROUGH!!!

If you are facing circumstances that stretch your faith and you feel like there is no way to get out from underneath everything that is holding you down...please, please know that God loves you! He wants the best for you and He will help you succeed! Place Him first in your life and all the rest just falls into place!

Thanks for catching up with me and I promise to do better at keeping up with you all!

Blessings and Happy Second Week of February!

Family Pictures

Back in May, my Dad and I made a trip over to Idaho Falls, ID, to visit my two sisters and their families. I had been thinking about family pictures for a long (long, long) time and had actually planned them for a year ago Thanksgiving.

In my family you (meaning me!) just has to make things happen. So I scheduled the appointment, told everyone what to wear and made sure everyone made it the studio (yes, they were late!). My Dad was the worst one to drag his feet...he hates pictures. But he told me (and yes, I am quoting), "I am only doing this because I love you!"

So here are some of the shots from our pictures. I have individuals of all the kids, but need to rotate them before I can upload! We are missing one grandchild...Cassie wasn't with us! And Mom, I promise we will get some done with you in the near future!

Three Sisters!

Rachel (That's me! The older, bossy one!), Shannon (She's the middle child...sitting down) and Camille (Yes, she's the baby of the family!)

Dad (Art) and his girls!

Siefert-Ramirez Family

In the back (L to R) is Josh (20), Brittany (16) and Ernie

In the front (L to R) is Maddy (12), Shannon holding Jocelyn (1), Brandon (20) and Mason (7)

The whole family minus my Dad...Mason is looking a big manic!

The whole crew with Grandpa Art in the middle!

Dragness Family

Joe, Camille, Elliana (2) and Dajia (6)