Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Guitar Hero, Heroes

How does a family bond?
Well, of course, we play Guitar Hero!!

Poor Camille....looks like she is having fun, but really she was getting booed off the Guitar Hero stage.
Ever get booed by virtual fans off a virtual stage?

Look...even Elliana is getting into the act!

Josh is definitely one of the BEST! He just acts like it is nothing though...PUNK!

Me, a Guitar Hero?
But I definitely am hooked on this game!

Brittany's gettin' her groove on...

Maddy used to tell me all the time when she was little that she wanted to be a rock star!
I think she is on her way!

Mason is a SUPERSTAR!

Brandon is just as good as Josh!
These boys have been playing for years and probably know all the songs by heart and can play without even watching the screen.

Shannon plays it all cool!
She is really the Rock Star at heart...she just pretends she is playing for Metallica!

Guitar Hero Videos

When I was in Idaho a few weeks ago visiting my sisters I was introduced to Guitar Hero! Now I am familiar with Guitar Hero; however, I'm not a huge fan of video games, so I have never really played.

But whoa....

The kids got me hooked! I couldn't put the dumb guitar down! Even though I never really mastered much past the easy/medium stage it was a complete blast! I suppose if I were to ever buy myself a video game I would have to go with Guitar Hero!

Here I am rocking out! LOL! Really I didn't realize Brittany was even filming me...what I really like is the small snippet of Elly jamming out!

Don't BLINK!

Here is a few seconds of may be the only video you ever see of her...she is like an elusive pink unicorn only seen once in a blue moon on the fifth Sunday of the thirteenth month!