Sunday, October 30, 2005

This or That!?!

Do you ever get to the point in life where you wonder if you are doing the right thing, are living in the right area, are working for the right company? I know many of us have these thoughts; however, I have to say that as a single gal those thoughts come to the forefront more and more. Without a family to ground me to this area, I constantly think about moving to the next place and seeing what is around the corner. Kind of like a kid shaking the presents at Christmas, or hiding from a friend and peeking around the corner to see if they are close.

To be quite honest, it is hard sometimes to listen to God and obey. I had the choice this summer whether to move to California with my sister and her family or stay in Puyallup. After praying and considering the committments I have here, I decided to stay. I know beyone a shadow of doubt that God called me here for a purpose, but sometimes it is hard to define what that purpose is. I know the broad picture of what I want to do with ministry; however, it is the fine points of how to actually travel the road.

So, as I contemplate the next several months...I will be seeking God and asking Him where He wants me to go next. I have the opportunity to move to California with one sister, my other sister is moving to Georgia where my best friend lives, and my best friend is contemplating moving to North Carolina. My personal evaluation time is during the summer, as I have committed to never leaving my church during the middle of a Masters Commission year.

Being single does has it's advantages as I am able to pack up and move at a moments notice; however, I am still waiting for the day that God decides to bring my husband into my life. I know that 31 isn't old, but sometimes it feels as if I have been waiting for ever. Me and God have been talking about this; however, I am not winning any of our conversations of late. He is saying be patient, and I am saying I have been patient long enough. But God knows....and when he does walk through the door of my life...excitement will be a major understatement.

Marcie's Neverending Thoughts on Things

Marcie's Neverending Thoughts on Things

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Update on Friend in China

Thank you all who are praying for my friend Ben Durden and his family. We haven't heard anything more about his condition. His dad flew over last week, and Ben is still in ICU where they are trying to stabilize him enough to allow him to be Medi Vac'd to the States with a nurse on board. They are afraid to let him go at this time, because they are still not sure what is wrong.

Thank you for praying!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Please Pray

The following is an email I received from my friend in Georgia:

Hi Rachel, I will probably call you tonight, but in case I miss you...please pray for Ben Durden. He has been in China teaching at Sias University for the past few months and has recently become seriously ill. He was hospitalized Sunday night and doctors discovered an irregular heartbeat. He is still in ICU in China. Dr. Durden is flying out tomorrow morning to be with him. If they can stabilize Ben's heartbeat, Dr. Durden will probably bring him home. The Durdens are getting conflicting information on Ben's condition and the final word they received was that he needed a family member present. Please pray for Ben's recovery, Dr. Durden's trip and for the family here who are very anxious to have Ben home. Thanks! Susana

Ben and I graduated from the same university, Beacon University in Columbus, GA. Ben's dad, Dr. John Durden, was one of my professors and my academic advisor. Thank you so much for lifting this young man up in prayer. I will keep you posted as to his status. Blessings!

More Family Pictures

My brother-in-law Ernie. Hey how is Bert doing?
My sister Shannon and my 11 year-old niece Brittany.
My 15 year old nephew Brandon...great guitar player.

Family Visits!

My sister Shannon, brother-in-law Ernie and their kids recently moved to California, back in August. I had lived with them for about five years, and I am really attached to their children. My best buddy is my niece Maddy, she just to do everything with me. Imagine how hard it was to go to California with them, and come home alone. Even though I talk to them 4-5 times a week, it's not the same as seeing them on a daily basis.

The came into town yesterday for a short visit (they are leaving Saturday), and I got to see everyone. It was great. My niece looks so grown up! You don't notice how much when you see them on a daily basis, but when I haven't seen her in 2.5 months.... And my nephew Mason just looked at me and smiled when I first saw him in the truck yesterday. I wasn't sure if he remembered me or not....although, I choose to think he does. Needless to say, it was good seeing all of them.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

What to do when things go awry!

For all of you that help run any type of program within a church, you understand all the details that must go into planned events. Especially events that involving feeding mass number of people.

Last night our MC class had our beginning of the year banquet. We had about 120 people in attendance, and had our dinner catered from a great Teriyaki place in Puyallup. However, to our surprise, they packaged each dinner individually when we had planned a buffet style dinner. Feeding people individual dinners doesn't really work when you don't know if you will have enough or not. So once our food arrived (a tad late...all right quite late), we formed an assembly line. Boys carried bags of food into the hallway of the church, people opening the bags, people combining the salads, someone opening the boxes, myself emptying the rice and and more separating the meat. Then we had to cart it back down to where we were eating. Oh my, what a fiasco. But for those who have done MC, and really anyone...the key word I have be for years is "FLEXIBILITY". Can you imagine the chaos of last night?

All in all, it was a great night to visit with students, host familes and "real" families. Even though I didn't really get to visit with anyone!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


As I have been reading the comments left by various friends, I am in awe of how people can manage to stay connected. This last week I have re-visited with friends from years ago, and connected via the web with at least a dozen more people. All this because I decided to join the blogging family. I have all sorts of people who say, "That is so cheesy!" I just look at them and grin :). I want to say thank you to all of those who have stopped by and left comments, it is great to see where everyone is. I truly count myself blessed to have so many great friends. And the most amazing thing is knowing that friendship doesn't end here on earth, but will be continued in heaven.

And if anyone can give me some hints on how to work a blog it would be greatly appreciated. I am a quick learner; however, seeing the layout of my side bar and such is really irritating me! All those anal retentive admin organizing type people all said? AMEN!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Pumpkin Patch

Yeah! I see pumpkins....My mom, my sister and Dajia went to a Joe's Pumpkin Farm in Vancouver, WA today. We ate sliced caramel apples, looked at pumpkins, and went on a hay ride. Dajia had fun, as you can see she says, "Put me down now!"

Sleeping Lady Bug

Here is my niece Dajia again, sleeping in her Lady Bug outfit for Halloween! Such a cute lady bug. I love babies when they are sleeping, so innocent looking.

Baby Dajia!

This is my almost one year old niece Dajia! Born on Oct 21, 2004 to my baby sister Camille. Isn't she cute!

Seeing Old Friends

At Rachelle's wedding I ran into MC friends from my year in Spokane.
It was great to see the girls, their husbands and children. Starting on the left is Lisa Phillips, Kerry Harvey, myself, and Jessica Side. It was nice to catch up with everyone....most I hadn't seen in over 10 years!

Rachelle Greennidge's Wedding

My dear friend from my Masters Commission, Rachelle, got married last night, Sat. Oct 15th in Portland, OR. The ceremony was beautiful, and of course so was the bride. Her new husband's name is Michael Darby, and man can he sing....he serenaded her with an original composition he wrote titled, "Incredible".

The reception was held at Studio Ten-Fifty, in downtown Portland...beautiful. Teal and Brown were the colors of the night.

Friday, October 14, 2005

A little bit about Me!

I turned 31 in September, and I think it was harder to turn 31 than 30...since it was the realization that I am firmly entrenched in my 30's and will no longer see 20. However, on the flip side of that, I have done so much for being so young. I have the opportunity to travel all over, work in a ministry that I love and pretty much do the things I want to do.

The main activity that I am involved with is Masters Commission at Puyallup Foursquare Church, in Puyallup, WA. MC is an internship program that teaches students biblical foundations, heals relationships with our Saviour, and learning what area of ministry they want to be a part of. I was an MC student in 1992--1993 in Spokane. Through a serious of events and mixed emotions, I decided I never wanted to be a part of that ministry. However, God has different ideas! As a part of my spiritual and leadership restoration, God placed in leadership of wonderfully solid Masters Commission program. I am the administrator for our program, and I love every minute of it. God has brought me back to my first love of ministering with young people, and this year we have 20 great students for me to love on!

First Time

As I've been looking through blogs, I've seen that I can see how old friends are doing and what the world has been up to. As my family has started moving away, I decided this is a good way to keep in touch.