Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Atomic Bombs

We were reviewing for a unit test today in my Sophomore Modern European History class...we've been studying World War II. We briefly touched on Pearl Harbor as it is a European History class, yet that is what brough USA into WWII.

While reviewing we were discussing vocabulary of them being ATOMIC BOMB!!!! The point was for them to understand we used the ABOMB, where it was used (what people) and so on and so forth!

I had one student insist and I mean INSIST that one of the A-BOMBS was dropped on Pearl Harbor. We discussed it for 2-3 minutes; however, I think he still walked out of class today convinced that I was incorrect and that he was ATOMIC BOMB was dropped on Pearl Harbor. you think he will get that question right on the final tomorrow?

PS...the two atomic bombs were dropped by the US in Japan (Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be exact...just in case you forgot!)

Thank You!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

For all the SITs visitors today I extend a warm thanks for all the bloggy love! I had a wonderful little welcome post for you to all read today. I had it set to publish automatically at 12:01 this morning; however, I went in and made a few corrections yesterday and I guess that it deleted the auto-publish it never it is in case any of you come back to read my blog again!

I solemnly promise that I will visit each and everyone of you that visited (I had well over 300 emails today just from SITS comments!)....but it might not be until this weekend.

Also, thank you for the encouraging words about my blog post Banquet Begets Sermonette many of you encouraged me to write sermons, inspirationals and to teach Sunday School. Thank you for the encouragement. I love to write and funny enough after reading those comments I was reminded of a prophetic word I received when I was about 20 the word was that the words that I write will set people free. I had completely had forgotten about that! God has not called me to be a preacher (even though we all should share His word and love) but a teacher; however, I will try to write some more and if I do I will definitely share it with you all! below is the post that was supposed to show up this morning for you all....
I know I said I wouldn't be around much as I have added student teaching to my already full plate; however, I received an email from Heather over at SITS (The Secret is in The Sauce) that my day was coming soon! And that day is TODAY!!! Welcome everyone girl (and guy) from is a warm welcome to you!

(Do you still not know what SITS is all my non-SITS friends..and by the way why aren't you a SITSa? Hmmmm!!! SITS is an awesome family of bloggers who show unconditional bloggy love to everyone from here to there and back again! It is a great place to meet new friends and read new blogs. So what are you waiting for? Go check them out!)

Ok, back to my SITS visitors....Come on in.....

My house is your house!

As you enter, please be careful of all the snow and ice that you might encounter on the way to the front door (I keep asking Mother Nature what the Hell she is doing with this year's winter and all she does in drop more snow!!! Then she reminds me that there is still two more months of Winter...ugh)!

The refrigerator is bare; however, there are pop-tarts in the cupboard and some red wine on the yourselves (I'm sure that they taste great together!).

I have cable, so come on sit down and watch Disney with it strange that I am 34, single and watch Disney? I guess I have my 10-year old niece to thank for that!

You can open the front closet and pull out a game if you'd like...we just played Candy Land the other day so I can recommend that, or there is Monopoly, Life, Rummikub, etc....pick one and have fun!

Even if you can only stop for a few minutes have fun looking around (I have nothing to hide and probably share more than anybody wants to read about!)....feel free to poke here and there (I have some great pictures hidden in the archives (check February and March of the past few years as I was in SE Asia a few years in a row)....and all the kids you see in the pictures? NOT MINE!!! I am Auntie to 8 and "Auntie" to many, many more...there is always some kid's picture on here!

And always, when you see:

Remember to leave some bloggy love!

Rachel Ann

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blog Award


You chose ME?

For a blog award?

Oh, be still my beating heart (yes, someday I am going to write a corny romance novel and put that line in there!)

Kelly over at Yeah, Sure, YouBetcha honored me with my first ever BLOG AWARD!!!! I'm so is a lookie loo at the award

I truly love meeting all the fun people via blogging! I have "friends" all over the USA and even some in other countries...I have green friends, sarcastic friends, creative crafty friends, friends who are Mom's, friends who are Dad's and friends who simply like me for me!

No blog award is worth anything if you don't pay the love forward. So here are seven blogs that I find worthy of the Lovely Blog Award. All you need to do is right click on the award, save it to your desktop and then add it into your blog post and then honor seven of your bloggie friends with the award as well!

My seven honorees:

Ronnica: Ignorant Historian
Jenny: Jenny and the Princess Peonies
The Blond Duck
The Other Rachel Ann: Bloggling Your Mind
Dena: From Mine to Thine
Holly: Team Switzer
Nina: A Day in The Life...her blog is private so no clicking over

Ladies...I love your blogs!

Student Teaching Week One

Well, I have my first week (of twelve) of my student teaching done and over with! It was pretty much just a week of watching the class, copying papers, and entering grades. This week I will be phased into instruction time a bit more, an activity here and there! The week after will be me teaching my host teacher's lesson plans as she will be at the Presidential Inauguration (January 20th for all of those who want to watch!).

Then Tuesday January 27th? It's all mine!!! I will be teaching one class of Senior Government and two classes of Junior U.S., fun times!

**Side Note** I took the Welcome SITSA's post down as I found out the actual date that my friends from SITS will be visiting. The day before I will put it back up!

Have a wonderfully blessed week!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

I'm Here!

So I've been around...lots of time this last week sitting on the couch watching TV and reading as I've been on New Year holiday since Wednesday afternoon! However, I haven't had good access to internet so no updating my blog for you faithful friends and family!

I will be starting my student teaching tomorrow morning (well, I will if the snow stops falling and we actually have school...there is more snow advisories for Grant County and there is more snow on my car right now too! UGH!!!). I will be spending the next three months at the local high school in the history department. I am coming in at the tail end of the semester so my actual teaching time will be with the next semesters' classes....US History and Civics. I'm excited, nervous, overwhelmed...etc, etc.

Since I won't be in front of a computer all day my internet and blog updating will be very limited for awhile..sorry in advance! I will try to update as much as possible, but I'm not making any promises. In addition to student teaching, I have to attend weekly conference calls with my school, begin working on my thesis project and I said I would work part-time at my regular job as well (at least I think I'm still going to be working BIL hasn't said much about it and I'm not sure how the head boss is going to take this whole thing...internally I'm stressing out about this since I don't really know how it is going to work and how everyone is going to take it!).

How has your New Year's been so far? Mine has been quite boring I have to say and a bit lonely...I never realized that when you live by yourself and don't go into work for quite a few days that there isn't many people to talk to...well, with the exception of my niece Maddy...she came over for a few days to visit!

I'm also stressing about money! I thought I was pass the point of money stressing; however, with the start of student teaching (which you don't get paid for) and with the expectation of money that never came in I am starting to get a bit worried. I was supposed to get a Christmas bonus; however, it didn't happen yet like all people I had the money spent on bills and such! I know I shouldn't stress as God always keeps me provided just makes me have to depend on him that much more!

I think I'm emotional as well because I have been lacking in my prayer life and Bible reading...Sorry Lord! Tomorrow is a new day...although I could use some encouragement to keep at it!

Sorry to be so morose but just wanted to let you all know where I am at! Bless you all!