Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Spider Princess

So, I know most Christians don't like to say they go trick or treating...and I understand completely; however, I raised on trick or treating and it is a hard holiday not to have fun on! And besides Christmas, this is probably my favorite holiday. So I am headed out tonight with my sister Camille and Dajia...we are going to the Supermall. She is still too little to enjoy door to door in the cold!
So do I wear an outfit...usually YES!! This year I am going as a Spider Princess...why? Because my good friend Susana sent me this totally nifty spider tiara for my Halloween present. So, it truly isn't a spooktacular outfit...but I am wearing my tiara with pride!
Here is my new spider tiara....black webbing, orange body and orange gems at each top point. I am just going to wear all black with it!

Here I am with my tiara on, even though you can't really see it too well. By the way, these pics are for Marcie! Hope you get off work to go out with Noah! I'll save you a piece of chocolate. :)

Name in a Frame

Do you have friends who are having babies? Do you have a little one that you need to buy a Christmas gift for? Visit this website that specializes in personalised baby gift. They take the name you give...boy or girl and turn it into a work of art in a frame. They have various themes such as: baby girl (which is pink booties, carriages, bottles, etc); baby boy (Which is blue booties, blocks, baby feet and more); princess/fairy (which include fairies with flowers); nautical; toys and christening (which is crosses, candles, booties and more). They are reasonably priced and are excellent gifts. You will be the hit of any baby shower party and all new moms will LOVE you as they put these framed names up in the baby room!

Happy Halloween!

What's Halloween without a little Halloween humor! I hope you have a spooktacular Halloween. Please don't be scaring all the little ones that come your way, OR eat all the candy that your kids bring home! Above all, be safe and have fun!!

Wedding Favors

Are you looking for cheap wedding favors, gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen? At this wedding stuff website you will find guaranteed low prices on cheap wedding favors and inexpensive bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts....and all shipping is free for all orders $50 and over. You will also find wedding supplies here! What more can you ask for? All the things you need in one stop shopping...and you know that $50 is going to add up fast, so you'll probably get free shipping. Favors--what are you looking for? They have candles, bubbles, place card holders, candy & edible favors, and boxes, tins & bags to hold favors in or your candy. For bridesmaids you can find: totes, bracelets, vases, jewelry boxes and photo albums. For groomsmen you can find: pub signs, chip poker set, beer mugs and swiss army knifes! Have fun shopping.

This is one of my favorite pictures of me and Dajia together, because she is almost smiling at the camera at the same time I am. She has this goofy grin that she does that isn't quite a smile, but still absolutely adorable. This was taken at her birthday party. I won't see her as much now as they moved up to Issaquah...I know it's not that far, but it's a heck of a longer drive than to Bonney Lake.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Free Online Coupons

I love shopping online, and what better wayto do that then to have coupons! My favorite store to buy clothes in is Fashionbug...they are perfect for my larger size. So this website I found has Fashion Bug Coupons....whoo hoo! There are coupons for free shipping, percentage off the entire purchase and specific amounts off of specific amounts spent....and some of these coupons don't even expire until January....2007!!!!

My other favorite thing to do is go on cruises....I've been on three and can't wait to go on another one (Susana let's book one)....this website has Cruise Coupons as well. Saving on last minute cruises are probably an awesome deal. Have fun shopping for online deals...remember Christmas is just around the corner.

New Pictures

We spent some time on Dajia's birthday taking pictures in the beautiful fall leaves. The changing colors of the leaves on the trees were absolutely stunning....yellows and reds galore.

Me and the superstar Dajia!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Dajia! She is always laughing and having a wonderful time. That is her baby doll in the picture with her...she never leaves her side!

This is Camille and our Mom!

Who's that peeking behind the tree? Dajia and her mommy...you have to be fast when taking pictures of Dajia...she doesn't like to stay still for picture taking!

Grandma Connie and Dajia

Office Confessionals

So must of you know that I get paid to blog from payperpost (I've made $113 so far). So the ladies and gentlemen over at payperpost have decided to let everyone in their office do an office confessional. Basically, they are left alone in an office with a video camera taping them. Then they are allowed to vent about whatever they want! How many of us would like to do that (without getting in trouble from our bosses?!?)

The first Video Confessional comes from the Flaming Tamale (although I'm not sure why or how she got that name), and it is amusing (even if a bit long). She is obviously an overworked and underappreciated individual as she has a lot to get off her chest. It is somewhat of a good idea to do this in order to see what your employees are getting frustrated at and how to help them; however, in this business I'm going to say it is more for amusement than anything. Enjoy...more will be coming.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fall Back

Remember to turn your clocks back one hour tonight for daylight savings time! You don't want to be at church an hour early tomorrow do you?

Friday, October 27, 2006

Houston Rodeo

I love ALL things cowboy, rodeo, and bull riding....PLUS all things COUNTRY!!! Hello, I work for a country radio station! I attend all PBR (Which is professional bull riding for you non rodeo fans) events and a lot of local rodeo events. I even flew to Las Vegas in 2001 to attend the PBR National Finals....wow, what an experience.

One event that I have not yet made it to, but want to go to badly is the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show in Houston, TX. It is a major deal...people all over the states go down for this event. It just isn't a rodeo, but a major event. Besides the rodeo, they have agriculture events which include a horse show, livestock show and a wine show! They are major impacters within their community providing scholarships, an art foundation, a school art program, 4-H/FFA/FCCLA youth organizations, and even field trips from school. For those of you that live in Western Washington, it is similar to the Puyallup Fair...for the Houston Rodeo runs almost three weeks. This year it will be held February 27--March 18, 2007!

One of the other big events at the Houston Rodeo is their concert lineup. One of country's greatest stars plays there (and even records some of his music videos from there)....George Strait. Of course, being a Texan George supports his home state. And since George doesn't tour up in the NW very often I am going to have to search for when he is playing the Houston Rodeo again. You can search for Houston Rodeo concert tickets here and see who is playing this year. The stadium they play at is huge and well known...The Reliant Astrodome. Some other great country artists that have played there are Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Alabama, Brooks & Dunn, Dierks Bentley and more. And you know what? You don't even have to like country music because some of their top attendance records were concerts by Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Hilary Duff (who knew), Bon Jovi, LL Cool J and Ashanti! What amazinge artists that the've had play.

How many people come and pay to see the Houston Rodeo? Their record paid attendance was in 2003, where 1,215,913 people came throughout the event timeline! Wow! That is a stinking lot of people coming out to see the rodeo.

For those of you 21 and older make sure you make it out to the Hideout held on the floor of Reliant Astrodome, a place remembered and loved by many. The Hideout will feature Texas country dance bands. Don’t miss the opportunity to go “dancin’ in the Dome.” A list of performers will be posted once available.

This is a must see and do event for all ages of people....in the midst of all this don't forget to make it to the carnival section of the show! Win yourself a giant gorilla to take home!!


Yeah, so it's not the greatest picture! But I got a new haircut. Actually it was more of a style and trim cut. The summer is over, so I am wanting my hair to get a bit longer again. For those of you who saw me over the summer, the back of my hair was getting pretty short...i was ready for it to go back to semi-normal. Which means cute, but not super short. So now it just kind of flips out at the ends (of course, this is done via hairdryer, round brush, gel, hairspray and more).

Who's my stylist you ask? My sister Camille...a Gene Juarez graduate and new employee at some swanky place in Beellevue where she starts Nov 15. I never knew how nice it was to have a stylist in the family! :)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Speedy Cash

When I was a poor MC'er living out of my home city I had to use those fast cash places...didn't like the fees I incurred; however, you can now do it online at: Instant Payday Loan Online

Look What I Made

I love scrapbooking and being crafty! I made this trick or treat can for our MC'ers...shhhh....don't tell them. It is simply made out of a paint can, which you can buy at any hardware store. I then decorated it with paper, printed out their names--glued them to colored paper and put them around the can. I then put ribbon on the paint can opener and attached it on the side.

The lid is just paper, and some sticker embellishments with a little note for them. I am then going to fill the can with candy and goodies and leave it for them for Halloween! So easy to make!

I've also made these for baby shower gifts and wedding gifts. They are a lot more personal and double as a great gift bag!

A true scrap booker can make anything out of the normal stuff of daily life!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


So some of you know that I am known to many as Random Rachel. This is because I have this store of useless knowledge and trivia lurking around in my brain ready to pop out at any time. Usually in the midst of great conversations, something that someone says will spark something in my brain and I will then start spouting off trivia...needless to say I LOVE trivia.

I came across this trivia blog and it is just full of trivia and stuff that I can store away for a later day. It is amazing what a person's brain can store. So a few trivia notes about the Eiffel Tower:

1. Did you know that the base of the tower is two and a half acres of land? Amazing

2. It is only painted once every seven years....using 50 tons of paint!

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween (yes, I know I heard the groaning from all my church friends...but oh well)....so here is a little trivia about the jack-o-lantern:

During the 1800’s, immigrants from the Irish Potato Famine brought their use of this lantern. Back then, pumpkins were not used. A burning lump of coal was placed inside a hollowed out turnip, potato, or beet. These were left on doorsteps to ward off evil spirits and to welcome the souls of a departed loved one. The pumpkin didn’t begin to be used until the Victorian Era.

Could you imagine if we were still leaving candles in a hollowed out turnip? Weird.

So I'll leave you with these two interesting tidbits about M&M's:

* In 1976, red M&Ms were removed from packages because the red dye used to color them caused reactions in some people. In 1987, by popular demand, red M&Ms were back.

* In 1997, a personality was given to the green M&M. It is the only female in the color mix. She is a modern woman and all of the male M&Ms love her.

Check this site out...it is totally fascinating. Maybe one day you and I can have a random rachel conversation!


This was Dajia and her birthday cake...that my sister made with rye instead of flour. Dajia is allergic to wheat so my sister gets creative with what she makes and feeds to Dajia....the cake wasn't too bad, you could tell it tasted different but it was still good.

Anywho....she absolutely loved the candles on the cake. Her daddy had to light them two or three times, because she was blowing them out as fast as he could light them. She loves to blow things...bubbles, air, candles...and the quick little shape her mouth makes when she blows is so cute. She just thought it was terrific!

She also loved the helium balloons I got her; I guess she has been on a helium balloon kick lately! And opening presents? She was a kick....giggling and laughing...she is a lot of fun! She got a new dollhouse, a pretty pony, tattoos (which I put on her and her baby doll), bubbles, books, playdoh, hot wheels and more. Spoiled?

Monday, October 23, 2006

PayPerPost is buying me an IPOD!

So, Marcie told me she was jumping on the Pay Per Post band wagon! So, I've done nine posts (this makes 10 I believe), and I have made $80.15! As most of you know I have been trying to save money to buy an IPOD--which I would like to have before Christmas (So I can listen on the airplane to Cali) or at the latest by February before I go overseas to Asia (music is a wonderful necessity over there). I have $80 saved in paypal, and now I have another $80...that makes $160...only $150 still needed! I figure that if I do another 15 posts I should have my money for my IPOD! YEAH!!

Once I get my IPOD, then I am working toward two more things:

1. Down payment on a new car. Mine is dying and sounds terrible right now...so a new car is definitely on the horizon...I'm hoping it can make it till this Spring!

2. A trip to Europe. Some friends, Charlie and Barb, are still trying to go to Paris and England next June and I want to go with! And after breaking the lid to the butter crock tonight...that was bought in ENGLAND! I definitely need to go!

So, Marcie what do you plan on buying with the money you make from Pay Per Post? Thanks Chris and Jenni for pointing me towards this awesome website.

Super Size Me!

So, again that whole watching movies in class thing happened again today! This time I got to watch Super Size Me in Food and Consumer class. Lucky me I am in the same class tomorrow so I get to finish the movie. Wow, I knew that eating McDonald's was totally gross and awful for your body...and I don't really like eating there....but watching this guy eat there three times a day for 30 days is totally gross! UGH! He gained almost 15 pounds in two weeks, and his cholesterol (which was great to start with) skyrocketed! So unhealthy. Yeah, then I had to start thinking about me own cholesterol, weight, blood pressure and felt like I should be dead or something!

So YES I need to get up and start exercising and not eat at fast food restaurants. Warning--if you watch this be prepared for the honest truth!

Office From Hell Contest

OMG.....I wish I had a home office so I could enter this contest: The Home Office From Hell contest---who has a home office out there in blog land?!?

The 2nd Annual Home Office From Hell contest will begins today! The Grand Prize winner will receive 12 months of rent (up to $12,000) at any location posted on Offices2Share.com. They will also win a paid trip to New York City to have lunch with Donald Trump's right-hand man and former Co-Star of The Apprentice - George Ross (yes, the old guy). Maybe you'll even get to catch a glimpse of the Trump Himself! Dell and Trump University are giving away thousands of dollars in additional prizes.

To enter all you have to do is post your top 10 reasons why you need to move out of your home office from hell and into a regular office. If you are really ambitious you can upload a video of your hellish office.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Dajia!

WOW! Another birthday for me this month....this time it is my niece Dajia Rose who turns 2 today! Isn't she adorable? She is such a wonderful little girl: always happy, loves to laugh, and is a fashionable dresser (thanks to her Momma). I love spending time with her....she is your typical 2 year old....into everything and curious about everything too!

This picture is from our trip to Maris Farms a few weekends ago. My sister Camille, her husband Joe and I along with Dajia went pumpkin hunting and took a walk through the corn maze. We went through the maze later in the day so there were only a few people in there with us, so she was able to run to her hearts content....AFTER she realized she couldn't ride on mom and dad's shoulders anymore.

We are having a birthday party for her tomorrow...I'm told she wants books, rubber duckies and balloons....guess I'll have to see what I can do!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Ugly Betty

So my new favorite tv show is Ugly Betty on ABC. Thursday nights at 8pm. This show is fantastic and absolutely hilarious! America Ferrera who plays Betty is an a gem of an actress. Betty is this uncoordinated, unfashionable (yes, I gues you would say ugly) young lady who is assistant to the editor at a FASHION magazine. Obviously Betty doesn't fit into the stick a finger down your throat so you stay skinny realm of unrealistic women (and men!). Yet, she is the most honest and makes all the right decisions to get them out of the fire. Salma Hayek, who is the producer, brought this show from Colombia (right Susana?!?) where it is a big hit...and it seems like it is going to be great here in the states as well.

The supporting characters are just as good as Betty herself. Especially her 12ish year old nephew Justin...who is just a tad more flamboyant than a boy his age should be. I loved this week's episode when he pointed out Amanda's two-year old Manolo Blahnik shoes....so yesterday!

You have to watch this show. If you've missed any episodes you can watch them at ABC.Com. Enjoy!

Cute Baby Clothes

I love finding cute baby clothes since I have sisters who have kids and tons of friends that are having babies. I seem to always be needing to purchase something for a baby shower or a birthday. This fabulous baby clothes site has this absolutely adorable crocheted flower dress for little girls. It's white with pink trim and flowers on it. There are also matching crocheted pants for it as well as booties. It's a shame that Dajia is getting too big to wear some of this...I need to do some more searching through their site to find something for her, so she can be the belle of the ball!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Side Notes or Bunny Trails as some would say

So on a total random side note....I just have to tell you one of my pet peeves! I am in need of a visit to the salon for an eyebrow wax; however, the time it takes in between my last tweezing and going in is pure Hell. I am letting my brows grow out right now so the wax I get is good....but oh it takes so long, and I feel like I look like a Yeti. Funny thing is, just today one of the MC girls said that my brows were looking great. Go figure!!! :)

On another side note....are you wondering why I have all these seemingly odd posts for irrelevant things? I have taking up blogging for money on payperpost.com. It is harmless fun, and I have already made $50 just with the 7 posts I've done the last week. I try to only take ones that I have something to actually say about. Just thought I should let you know. If you are interested in making some extra cash as well....just for blogging....go to payperpost.com and sign up. If you do sign up use me as your reference...for I'll make a few more dollars as well. You'll need my email...it is rachelannmac@hotmail.com.

Have a great Friday! I am off to teach PE to elementary kids tomorrow...wish me luck!

Self Help Book

Found one of the best self help books on the web to relieve stress, and the company is local in Seattle.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Jeffrey Won!!!

OMG....Jeffrey won! I was routing for Michael; however, when I saw his collection on the runway it wasn't all that appealing. Laura's dresses were gorgeous, and I'm sure she will have no problem selling all of them for top dollar! Uli's gowns were stunning...they all flowed together...looked polished....looked clean, just looked top notch.

However, the judges (Michael Kors do you have to wear your glasses inside and out? Sheesh...take them off every once in a while!) like the innovation of Jeffrey's collection. I do have to say it looked great. Not anything I would proably wear, but freat nonetheless!

Congratulations Jeffrey

Weddings, Weddings, Weddings

Wow! Everywhere I look people are getting married! My good friend Holly got married on September 2nd, and it was an absolutely gorgeous wedding. She is not very traditional (which I am)...in the sense that she didn't have the aisle runner, candle lighters, veil over the face...etc, etc. However, her wedding was one of the best weddings I've ever been to. Personal cakes on all the tables, a candy table, and an italian soda bar versus punch out of a bowl!! Amazing!

Every girl dreams of her wedding day, and I am no different. No, I don't have a prospective husband, but a girl can dream right? (And pray!) So...I was just looking around at different weddings and such and came to this weddings site which has topics on your honeymoon, wedding traditions, ceremony, reception and so much more.

I found the Bridal Party Tradition page quite interesting. Did you know bridesmaids used to all wear white like the bride? Why? To ward off any evil spirits that might be around....hmmm...

I also liked the article about Wedding Rings....do you go traditional with just a diamond and a wedding band? Or do you go more contemporary? My dream set includes a diamond with two sapphires inset on either side. I have told myself over and over that I would only ever have a gold set; however, I am seeing more and more white gold and platinum, and I am starting to like the look of the non-traditional wedding band set. I guess I have some options to tell my future husband about! The Wedding Etiquette page is also helpful....do you invite children (always YES in my book...kids are the basis of fun, laughter, and life....and 99% of the time some cute laugh is going to happen during a wedding because of a child either in the wedding party or at the reception).....do you have to buy a gift for everyone in your wedding party (I think it is appropriate....and fun! Doesn't have to be expensive, but from the heart).

So many more wonderful articles are on the site from tips on buying the right dress (which is probably the most important...because all eyes are on you that day), quotes and poems for your vows, do you hire a consultant, honeymoon/transportation tips....and much, much more.

Is there anyone out there that is planning a wedding? Enter for $50,000 towards your Dream Wedding...imagine what you could do with $50,000 to plan your wedding. Gorgeous dress, catered dinner for all, cake, honeymoon....a wedding fit for a princess! Wow!

Project Runway

It's here...the finale of Project Runway is on tonight! Who do you think is going to win? I so want Michael Knight to take all the glory and run with the money and the new car. However, don't underestimate the other contestants such as Jeffrey, Uli and Laura. As much as I don't like Laura, she continually surprises me with the outfits she makes. Jefferey is just plain out in left field for me to understand. And Uli? I don't think gauzy dresses are going to make it to much past the finish runway, but you never know.

Tune in tonight to Bravo TV at 10pm to see who the winner is.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Shopping for Health Insurance

Sitting in the lunch room today at school I overheard conversations about health insurance. How expensive they were, how certain family members weren't covered on each spouses insurance, and how some people have gone years without health insurance due to the rising cost of insurance each month. This is a subject near and dear to my heart, since I am one of those individuals who hasn't had insurance for years. I haven't had jobs were I've qualified for quite some time, and I haven't been able to afford regular insurance out of my pocket. This become a real life issue for me this year when I had to go to the ER for an acute asthma attack. Thankfully, I was issued a charity waiver; however, I need insurance and I need it an affordable price.

This website VIMO allows me to search for comparative health insurance prices all at the leisure of my home. I simply put in my zip code and it brings up a list of insurance possibilities from groups such as Group Health and KPS. It gives the deduction amount and then allows me to get a quote. What a fast easy way to compare different insurance companies and their plans offered side by side. It also lets me search for doctors and dentists in my local area as well as give a review about my doctor. This is a great tool for me, as my doctor is in Kirkland and I need to find a new local doctor. Hopefully, I'll be able to find an affordable health insurance through this site.

Bunny Parodies

Susana...you're killing me! This website of Bunny Parodies is hilarious. I like The Ring movie best!

For the rest of you...this website is short 30 second video re-enactments of various movies....Rocky, Jaws, Alien, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and much much more! The funny part? The clips are re-enactments done by bunnies. Yes, you heard me. BUNNIES!!!

Although I wasn't a fan of the original movie, the bunny movie of The Christmas Story was way too funny. Enjoy

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Elmo TMX

Yes, it is almost Christmastime...scary isn't it? Well, it may not exactly be Chrismastime, but it is time to start shopping for Christmas. I've already started some of my shopping!!! Yeah for me!

I have young nieces and nephews to buy for, and am always looking for the new hot and hip toys to buy them. I think one of the biggest toys out this season is Elmo TMX...which is Tickle Me (Elmo) Ten or Tickle Me Extreme. How can you not like a toy that has to do with laughing?!? Elmo TMX has been a top secret gift this holiday season, which his packaging shows...you can't even peek at him while in the box. And the box looks like a top secret briefcase, so kids will think it is even more adventuresome. Elmo laughs hysterically, slaps his knees, and (my favorite) rolls on his back still laughing. I think more adults may be getting this toy for their kids so that they can play with Elmo. The price is about $40, which isn't bad for a fully interactive toy such as Elmo TMX.

Warning: Laughter is contagious and has been known to spread to other people like a wild fire!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Brittany!

It's time for another birthday....this time it is my niece Brittany. She turns 12 tomorrow....October 15th. She is brilliantly sarcastic, and absolutely smashing. She is smart, but knows how to push your buttons....but I LOVE HER!

She is becoming quite a young lady. It is fun to call down to California and end up spending 45 minutes on the phone with her. This may not seem like much to you; however, Brittany and I have gone through some rough patches, and at one point talking politely for 5 minutes was pushing it. I think the break that we've had from my living with them has increased our ability to relate to one another and see each other for who God has made us to be. I truly think that this is a young lady who can and will change the world...although she may need a shove off the couch!!!

Happy Birthday Brittany....I Love You and hope you have a fantastic birthday!

Alaska Cruise Guide

Of all the cruises my friend Susana and I have taken, we have yet to go on an Alaskan Cruise. Part of that is that I am not that familiar with Alaska, and feel like it doesn't have enough to keep me entertained. However, The Cruiser Friendly Guide to Alaska's Inside Passage, booklet is a wealth of information about various locations that cruises go through and to in Alaska. It gives great maps, information about the wildlife you may see (whales, bears, etc), plant life that is in Alaska and much more.

It also has ship statistics, weather statistics, and my favorite....nautical terms so I can feel like a real sailor while on board. This booklet has opened the doors for future thoughts to an Alaskan Cruise.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Meet Lilly

"Everyone meet Lilly. Lilly meet everyone."

So I just thought I'd introduce you to my friend Susana's new family member. This cutie pie is Lilly. Please pardon her if she doesn't answer to Lilly quite yet....she is recovering from a name identity crisis! :) She had another name, but it was changed shortly afterwards.....I'm sure she is recovering now. I wish I could say that you could meet Lilly, but she is keeping Susana busy in North Carolina!!!

Welcome to blogville Lilly!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Learning how to play Poker

When we were on our retreat a few weeks ago, we were playing cards (who doesn't play cards?). However, I am a 32 year old poker geek....only knowing how to play blackjack. Sheesh! So, I want to learn the rules to play poker...no worries, I'm not running off to Vegas to gamble my life savings away (not that I have a life savings anyways), but I just want to know how to play 5 card stud and other games. See I don't even know the names of poker games (or the terms you use when playing poker)....I need serious help. I thought this site might help, Poker Rules. Once I check it out, maybe I'll call you for a friendly Friday night poker game....for pretzels or pennies or M&M's....no serious money involved!

Is Jeffrey Guilty?

Many of you know that I have an addiction with Project Runway, this fabulous reality show about designers making it to Olympus Fashion Week in New York (which I believe Sabrina happened to see when she was there).

Last night's show followed the final four contestants, Jeffrey, Laura, Michael, and Uli into their homes to see their progress. Between the last episode and fashion week they are supposed to make a wardrobe collection of 12 pieces for $8,000....amazing work I might add. Most of them are still doing finish work when they arrive in New York; however, Jeffrey was completely finished last night. No buttons to sew on, no trim to finish, no hooks to attach, no hemming....you get the picture. So, Laura decides to accuse Jeffrey of having outside help to finish his collection (whish is SO WAY ILLEGAL).

So, now I'm on pins and needles for next weeks show.

Is Jeffrey guilty?

Is Jeffrey Innocent?

And for the record, I think he is innocent!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Vacation Rentals

So, I know Jess is going to Cancun very soon (yes, I am a bit jealous)...which made me think that I need a vacation.

I came across this site about Vacation Rentals where you can find rental houses and condos anywhere in the states. Yes, it is fun to stay in hotels; however, staying in an actual house is so much better....since it is more like home. It's great to just search the site and find somewhere that you might not have thought of before. I know we rent houses for various events that we do, and this will be a great tool to use in the future.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm leaving on a jet plane....

....don't know when I'll be back again! Actually I do! I got to buy my ticket to California today for Christmas. And I found it for only $237...WHOO-HOO. So I am headed down to visit my sister and family on December 19th and return January 4th. I know odd days to be gone for Christmas break; however, since I extended it a few days, it made the fare so much cheaper.

Good Night and Good Luck

So when you are a substitute teacher, you watch a lot of movies. Some teachers feel more comfortable just having students watch a movie and take notes instead of trying to do a lesson plan. However, what teaches fail to realize is that a substitute teacher in the Junior High and Senior High level will watch the same movie over and over throughout the day. What is even more annoying is the fact that you NEVER FINISH the movie. So if it's a movie that you haven't seen before, you will go home wondering how it ended. Think to yourself, "I should really rent that movie, and finish watching it." But you know you never will!!!!

So yes, I was teaching a multi-media (broadcasting) class today in highschool and got to watch the movie "Good Night and Good Luck" three times, but never the ending. It actually was a good movie to watch. It dealt with Edward Murrow and his battle with Senator McCarthy over communism.

So maybe I should go rent it...it does have the handsome George Clooney playing a major role in it!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mall Pics

These are some pics from my walk around the mall the other day with my sister and baby Dajia! We let her go on a few rides (remember when they used to only cost 1 quarter? Now, it's 50 cents...sheesh), and she had a blast. She wasn't so happy when we made her walk away after three rides.

Dajia and the spotted puppy!

Dajia riding the three wheeler!

This one is my favorite...I caught her with just the right look on her face! Lions, tigers, and dogs oh my!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

My Week

Hi! I thought I'd post, because I feel guilty if I don't. Not that guilt runs my life! I love looking at others blogs, and feel that if people are looking at mine, they might want new stuff!

Soooo....it has been a busy week

1. MC Started Tuesday....25 students in all....orientation (where I had to go over each student's financial status with them), dinners, progressive dessert event, meetings with companies concerning our dinner auction in November, letter writing, address labeling, post office, and a council meeting bright and early this morning at 8am! And remember, this is just what I do in my spare time!

2. Work....subbing is starting to pick up, now that teachers are scheduling meetings, conferences and are out sick (sorry for them, good for me)! I've been at the highschools lately, and let me tell you freshmen think they are so smart and sneaky!! I love catching them at stuff that they do in class.

3. Side work....not only do I work for KMPS (have to be at Issaquah Salmon Days today at 2pm....um, it's cold outside), but I am also a WA State Notary and I work for a couple of companies doing escrow/mortgage signings. So I had a signing on Tuesday night, but trying to print my edocs ended up being a nightmare. I know you say, how can printing papers be a nightmare....just believe me...I spent two hours at it, and decided to reschedule for Wed night. However, even with all the headache and work, I get paid $200 for an hour visit at Starbucks to have this guy sign all his paperwork.

4. I get to buy my ticket to California for Christmas Vacation next week. I got my fair check and am using a bit of my Ebay money to buy my ticket. I'm sooooo super excited to go to Cali for Christmas and visit my family. YEAH! On a sadder Ebay note, I had almost enough money in my ebay account to buy my ipod; however, I had to use it to fix my car....ugh! So I guess I need to start over with my Ipod saving.

5. Car....so my brother in law was here from CA this week and took a looksie at my car. The diagnosis was grim.......less than 6 months to live. The lifters are rattling atrociously...which means the engine is going, and the brakes were bad (Thanks Marty for fixing the back brakes), and there is probably a whole slew of other things wrong with it. So I am just babying it for know, and hopefully can buy a new car in the Spring.

I also got to visit with my sister Camille and Dajia this week. We went out to lunch and walked around the mall. It was fun, but tiring because Dajia was having a hard time since she was so tired.

So that is kind of my week in short.....busy, busy, busy!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Maddy!

My baby niece Madalyne turns 8 today (October 3rd)!! I miss you so much! I love all my nieces and nephews, but this one is my best bud! I've been an integral part of her life since she was just under two years old. We do everything together...I love just hanging out with her. She calls me constantly on the phone, just to say Hi and that she misses me. She is always asking when I am moving down to be with her. She sees me as a very important family member that is missing from her life right now. I can't wait to move down there and be with all of them again!

Me and Madalyne! Now that she is in California, I miss her so much. I'm sad thinking that I can't be with her on her big day! I miss everyone...ok...gotta stop the tears are coming.

My little girl is all grown-up! I love you Maddy more than you will ever know!

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Madalyne, Happy Birthday to you!"