Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dancing a Happy Dance


I've been on cloud nine since I got home tonight.

Upon checking the mail I saw that my test results were back from my Praxis exam I took in July...the test that I was so nervous about. Well, I had the envelope in my hands sitting in the car praying, "please Jesus just let me pass! please Jesus just let me pass!"

So I opened up the envelope with fear and trembling (a bit of an exaggeration!)...and lo and behold there on the paper appeared the magic word.....PASSED!!! Hallelujah!!

The minimum score a person can get and still pass is 157 and what did I get? Oh yeah...157. Minimum, but I still passed!

I'm really not a flake...

but my mind keeps going over things in my life....over and over and over and get the picture?

The reason I say I'm not a that a lot of this turnover in my brain is about what to do in the future....where to to pay bills....what to do after student teaching...etc, etc. I really haven't said much to anyone about this to anyone, but I just have all these thoughts in my head and it is starting to drive me a bit batty. However, I'm finding out that when I do this then there is generally something that I am missing, because the peace about a decision isn't 100%. Does that make sense? I hope so!

I'm in a place where the decisions I make in the next few months are going to affect me for the next few years, and I just want to make sure I am making the right decisions and that I am staying in the will and plan of God.

ok...I said all that to say, just say a quick prayer for me as I muddle through some decisions.


Kindergarten I'm not the Mom of this totally cute little boy! But I don't have kids to blog about, so nieces and nephews are the next best thing...right?!!
Here is Mason on his way to his first day of Kindergarten! He still goes to daycare/preschool in the morning...gets picked up at lunchish time and driven to school.
He's been totally excited for this day!!!

Here he is with his HUGE backpack and a big ol' grin!

Here we go Mom! I'm ready for this, really I am!

Welcome to Classroom 9, home of Mrs. Clausen and the afternoon kindergartners.

Alrighty, he started get a bit nervous once we actually got to the classroom and he realized that he was really finally at big boy school!

I'm not sure if he realizes what he's in for here.

Kids giving their supplies to Mrs. Clausen. Mason really, really, really didn't want to pass over those brand new supplies to his teacher. He gave a few to her then came back to sit down and thought he could keep the rest...he thought for sure he was going to get to keep them!

Coming back in from a tour of the school (they went out while we stayed in and listened to the teacher give an orientation). Already lost his name tag...hmmmm!

Here he is giving Mom a hug goodbye! What a big boy you are Mason! **Sniff, Sniff**

How to Piss Rachel Off

Here is a sure fire way to piss me off...just in case you were wondering!

1. You--be a complete stranger to me!

2. You the stranger place yourself strategically in a dressing room at a local clothing store...better to get into the dressing room before I actually see who you are...that way we are still strangers.

3. When you, again a stranger, hear me and my niece (or daughter for all that don't really know do you???) talking listen in on the conversation (ok, I admit I do this all the time!!!).

4. While you are listening to the interchange ( asking Brittany a question TWICE because I couldn't hear her MUMBLE her response) PIPE up with what Brittany was saying in that tone of voice that suggests you think I am an idiot!


Yes that is how to piss me off! Doesn't seem like that big of a deal does it? But really, it me!

So I took Brittany pant shopping yesterday because my sister didn't want to deal with it (and now I know why....teenagers!!). We went to Fashion Bug and I finally persuaded her to try on a few shirts. I was standing outside her dressing room asking how a particular shirt fits and I had to ask the question twice because Brittany (like her Mom and Grandpa and Brother) has a tendency to mumble. I didn't hear or understand the answer; however, the lady next to me did!! She piped up, 'She needs a tank top!'

Ok, so I know I'm being petty and a bit exasperating, but....

1. NEVER answer a stranger

2. I was trying to get Brittany to speak in a clear manner that I could understand. She, the teenager, needs to communicate clearly!!!

3. It just really irritated me!

OK, OK I'm off my soap box!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Making Aliens

I bought Mason an alien maker for his birthday. Essentially it is playdoh with alien molds that you fill with some quick drying gel stuff. It is actually a pretty cool set-up that they've created. We all had fun making some aliens...even the prickly teenager sitting there in the background!

Adding the stuff to actually make the alien!

The camera again!! I'm telling you...he was totally into this camera!

Present Time

Britt got him a batteries though!
Hmmmm....what could be in this big bag?
I love that he has to stand on the chair to get into the bag!

Why, oh, why does there have to be so much paper???? This must be from my Auntie!

Look what Grandpa bought (aka...look what Auntie bought for Grandpa because she is his personal assistant!! LOL!!)...a new camera!

He loves this camera...he even took it to daycare/preschool this morning. Last night he thought he was pretty funny taking pictures of butts...especially Brittany's. And then like a typically boy he starting taking pictures of the front of our pants and making comments with weanie in it! At that point you know he has had too much sugar and needs to go to bed!

Every Good Birthday Deserves....

a GREAT birthday cake...and if you are turning 5 that cake should have cars on it!!!
The anticipation....
Using all that hot air he has inside....
The overwhelming gleem of satisfaction!!!
That's it...I'm 5...whoo--hoo!!!

Mug Shots

My a DORK!!!
We were taking pictures of Mason's birthday last night and she decided to pose for some mug shots....hmmmm, have you done this before?


I'm not quite sure what she was doing in this picture...but we took it again and in the next picture she looked like a bird sticking its head out...attractive!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cool New Contest

I love finding cool new websites to look at, and I'll be honest...when those websites have contests going then I really get into it!! And when those cool websites offer contests that are scrapbooking related...well, step back cuz' I'm coming through!!

I found the website today, as a website I was on directed me her way because she was having some great scrapbooking giveaways going on...and she truly does!!! Right now I'm rooting for the Cricut...a must have I have determined!

This website has other great things on it as well, and is actually a great family fun website to look through! So wait are you waiting for...hop on over and check out what is going on...who knows you might win something too (but then I might claim a finder's fee....especially if you were to win the might see me in your craft room!)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Mason!

Ok...first of all, this is a self-portrait byMason...he got ahold of the work camera when Ernie had it at home last weekend and was taking pictures when no one was looking. We found pictures of the dog, the couch, Maddy, and quite a few of himself....I suppose he learned that fancy trick from his Auntie Rachel!
Today is Mason's 5th Birthday!!! Goodness I remember when he was just born, and now he is five and starting Kindergarten this week. Goodness where does the time go?

Mason is a funny kid...literally, I think he could be a comedian. He has perfect timing with the things that he says, and yes, I do think that he knows what he is saying and that it is either going to cause us to laugh out loud or cringe and think, "OMG!! I don't know this kid!".
He is such a sweetie patootie though...just look at those sweet cheeks and tell me you couldn't love him too? I love you Mason!!
PS...Halloween is a big deal in our family and I have Mason convinced to let me dress him as a vampire and jump out of a coffin, that Ernie is going to build for me, that is going to be in the front yard when we have a rip-roaring fantastic Halloween party!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Family PIctures

Here are some pictures of our visit last weekend to my sister Camille's house. This is Maddy and Elliana...just 11 days old and opening those eyes for quite a bit...looking around at us wondering why we are all looking at her!
Here she is again...Elliana Rose (born August 6th)...just checking things out...making sure we are all doing ok!
Auntie Rachel and Elliana...look at how she is looking me! She loves me!

And of can you forget this cutie? Here is Dajia...she of course wasn't interested in the baby while we were there, but was more interested in the fact that there were kids to run around with...Mason and Maddy!!! She did not want to go to sleep the night we were there, she fought it until the last breath she took...long after Mason, Maddy and Aunt Shannon were asleep!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rythmic Gymnastics

Want a laugh?

Check out Today show hosts, Matt and Al, as they attempt to do a rythmic gymnastics routine taught to them by Canadian gymnast Alexandra Orlando! It was quite funny. I didn't realize they did this for every Olympics...I'm not a Today Show watcher as I am usually at work!! So check out Matt and Al for some good times!

Love the outfits too boys!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I've Been Tagged (again!)....

This is called the Random Things Meme...and here's how it goes:

Rules of Engagement:

1) Link to the person who tagged you....April tagged me (and I enjoyed reading your answers)

2) Post the rules on your blog (copy and paste 1-6).

3) Write 6 random things about yourself (see below).

4) Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them.

5) Let each person know they have been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.

6) Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Six Random Things About Rachel:

1) I have never kissed a boy...that's right!! And I'm 33.

2) My favorite number is 8...I don't believe in lucky numbers, just a favorite number!

3) My nickname in the Reich household (good friends of mine) is actually Random Rachel because I am known for my randomness!

4) The best idea for a vacation includes water...usually an ocean in a tropical location...ok not usually, but always (no cold water locations for me please).

5) I used to go fishing with my Dad and Grandpa as a kid and take an armful of books out on the boat...put my rod in the holder, sit back and read, read, read....then I would catch, catch, and catch more fish...making my Dad and Grandpa IRRITATED!!!

6) I had a monkey eat a peanut out of my hand in Bali, Indonesia when we stopped at a place called the "monkey palace" where dozens of wild monkeys hung out...a total National Geographic type moment.

My six people I'm tagging....

Nina...Cause she usually plays along (no link to her blog as it is private)

Marcie...she is my green blogging friend!

Holly...this is hoping that she will blog at least once more this year (hint, hint) for clarification this is Holly Switzer....I have a few Holly's on my friend's list

Emily...good friend from TAG days and P4SQ....we manage to find each other at church no matter where we go

Heather...she is a new mommy and good friend from P4SQ

Monica...she is my favorite SOCAL scrapbooking friend and needs a good reason to update her blog!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I want...

Graceland/Elvis estate released the Elvis/Priscilla Barbie doll set this week to coincide with the memorial of his death on Aug 16th (he died in 1977). Aren't these cute?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympics 2008

Yep, I am one of those totally fanatical people that watches the Olympics from the opening ceremonies to the closing ceremonies. I spent most of Saturday watching events like women's volleyball, beach volleyball, swimming, cycling (it was in the middle of everything else!), and gymnastics!

I don't usually watch TV on my lunch break, but I will watch during the next few weeks! I love watching Michael Phelps...US swimmer, and I am cheering for Megan Jendrick (nee Quann)...US Women's 100m breaststroke swimmer. Not only is she a local girl from Puyallup/Tacoma...but she is the sister of a good friend Laura Bradford (nee Quann).

Susana and I are in discussion (we do this a lot about our future travels) and we think it might be kind of cool to attend an Olympic event. My first opportunity will be in two years when the winter Olympics are held up in Vancouver, WA. But the 2012 Olympics are being held in London...we would like to possibly be there...along with Greece next summer, Brazil sometime soon (I have a cousin moving there with his wife!), and how many other places we can fit into our schedules...or should I say into our finances.

Enjoy the Olympics!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More Baby Pictures

Isn't she just precious?

Look at me! I'm the big sister (and big sisters rock...just ask my Auntie Rachel!)

Elianna Rose Dragness

Here she new little niece...Elianna Rose Dragness. She was born at 7:04 am and weighed 6 lbs 8 oz.
I guess big sister Dajia kinda looked at her, smiled and then looked back at Mom as if to say, " what?"

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


This is my nephew Josh. He lives with his Mom in Gig Harbor, so we don't see much of him. He came to Moses Lake for a few weeks to work and visit.


MMmMM....I'm dreaming of...
This is what he does when I say, "Open your eyes!!!"
Brother and Sister (can't tell that they are related can

Josh and Maddy!

Saturday, August 02, 2008


After this post, you'll want to scroll down as I added quite a few new pictures of things that I've done the last week or so! I came to the bookstore today (even though my mouth hurts...see following post) to upload pictures, and get some homework done, but I don't think I'm staying much longer. It took quite a while to get the pictures up...I guess I'll try to get some homework done while at home!

I love to take goofy pictures! So here you go...another for the goofy album. Have a wonderful week!

Wisdom Teeth

I know that I don't look great...but that is because I had my upper wisdom teeth pulled yesterday! I had to have them pulled because I didn't have enough room in my mouth for them (you could never tell that my mouth is too small by the amount of talking I do!!).
sister Shannon and I drove to Wenatchee (yes, from Moses Lake...1.5 hours away) because there was no oral surgeon on my dental plan here in ML. The drive was longer than the actual visit! One side was 30 seconds...the other side not so quick. It required a lot of pulling, prodding, using the drill, etc, etc!!!! He had to stitch that side up it took so much to get it out! Needless to say, I went home yesterday took a vicodin and went to bed!!!

Here are the offenders!!! Why do they come in so late in life and why are they called wisdom teeth? One of those questions you want to ask God when you see him! I tried smiling for you; however, my left side is swollen (can't tell too much here) so I can't smile too well. I'm hoping that my mouth will feel better tomorrow!

Kiddos are not allowed to stand on my chairs and do the Happy Dance!!!

Maddy and her free slice of pie from Shari's (they messed her order up the other night!)...sloppy child!

Hmmm.....what did you not understand about no happy dances on the chair? Although this looks like your fake mean face!


Of course, she doesn't let me take the picture. She has to go in the bathroom and do it herself. What is up with teenagers and that side smirk that they all do in their self-portraits? I don't understand...but then again I am 33 and probably am not supposed to understand.

Iron Horses

On the way home last weekend, Maddy asked to stop at the Iron Horses in Vantage...just over the Columbia River. We weren't expecting it to be sooooo windy up there!!!

Fly Maddy Fly

I kept getting close to the edge to look over and take pictures...Maddy wasn't too happy about that

Maddy and Aunti

I guess she is hiding from the wind?