Friday, February 23, 2007

500th Post!

KMPS Chicks with Attitude!
So I decided my 500th post deserved a cute picture of me!! Yes, I know selfish, but hey, this is my blog! Anywho...that is me and Flo (KMPS Afternoon Traffic Maven) at the Charlie Daniels Concert in December. She is probably my favorite KMPS personality (along with Tony!)....she is always smiling and has such positive things to say.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Yeah, we got home to Seattle tonight at about 11pm. It was a long flight home, and we were gone way too long...17 days is a long time.

It was great....I'll write more tomorrow.

I'll try to get some pictures up as well by the end of the week.

Also to my family and email isn't letting me in so I can't contact you via big time! So I'll try to call soon.

love you all

Thursday, February 15, 2007

More Updates

Hello again!

I have a few free minutes this morning, as we are doing most of our ministry this week at night.

Yesterday we had the greatest opportunity to attend the funeral of a prominent Buddhist man, yes, we attended a Buddhist funeral. It was different; however, we believe that God worked in many lives yesterday even though we didn't see it physically. We paid our respects inside the temple praying and we were given incense to use. Now don't freak out!!! Think about it....How great is it that we were able to have the opportunity to pray to OUR GOD in the midst of a buddhist funeral in their temple????? And the fragrance? We simply prayed that it would be a fragrance unto the Lord. Sometimes you have to be a part of the local customs to share the love of Christ, and we were given that opportunity yesterday. Melissa Bixler was able to share with the deceased's sister (or sister in law) that Jesus loves her! Amazing. I also prayed for the daughter and believe that if anyone, she will be the link for that family to come to know Christ. God is working in Thailand!

Today we are headed out to the orphanges that I have been talking about. We cannot openly pray for these children, but all of you know that our prayers will still be heard as we bless them and ask for healing in their bodies, their minds and their spirits! I expect to share great miracles and stories with you all!

We have also been able to spend extra time with Nina our tour guide outside of her working. She loves being with us, but isn't quite sure what to make of us crazy Americans. We believe she is going to come to know the Lord!

We love you, and we thank you so much for your prayers! We will see you on the 21st!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hello Again

Hi! I'm still in Bangkok, hanging out with Branden S. We are on our own for a few days as we wait for the next group of students to come in tomorrow. Some of the things we have done while here:

1. We buy food and water every day and take it to people on the streets. There is a mom with two children about two blocks from our hotel, and she is getting to know us as we go every day.

2. We have been going to red light district and praying our butts off!!! Honestly, some of what we see there is horrible, but we know God is working.

3. Praying at temples. We went to the temple here on the left, Wat Arun. There are steps actually going up that we walked (not all the way to the top). It is a Hindi temple full of demonic images and such. Just behind in one of the smaller temples someone wrote Scripture out on a piece of paper and left it under a footstool so that the Hindu temple would have the word of God in it!!!! Then right by that temple is a place that people can ring four different bells to ward away evil spirits. So as I was waiting I would go behind people and silence the bells once they rang them!!!!! It is hard sometimes to imagine how and why people worship at these places, but we know that the devil is sneaky in how he attracts people. One day, this country will be returned to God....until then? We keep praying!
The first week was an exploration week as I said in my last post, and this next week we will be doing more "work". It will be long days and nights, but it is great to be able to have an impact in such a country as this!
~marcie, Donovan is joining me this week!~
Love you all!
rachel ann

Friday, February 09, 2007


Greetings from Bangkok!

The first group of students are finishing up here today, and are headed out to the Kalmantan Jungle (Borneo, Indonesia) tomorrow. The second group will be in Bangkok on Tuesday.

We had no real agenda coming to Bangkok other than scoping things out and praying. God is so good that he directed our paths the very first day we were prayer walking. We were looking for areas that homeless people and orphan children live in order to feed them. Pastor Christopher thought to go to a church and ask....long story short....Shannon was given time with two sisters from the Catholic church, and we have set up a day next week where we will be going to a hospital and praying with a lady who has terminal brain cancer. The same day we will also be visiting a children's AIDS hospital.....simply there to pray and more importantly to love on children.

Yesterday was a combination of play and prayer. We took a boat tour down the main river...prayed over temples, government buildings, universities, etc. We believe that our main thing yesterday was simply time spent with our two tour guides Ann and Nina....both who are Buddhist. We spent from 7:30 am to about 8pm with them. It was great! The group next week will be going on the same boat tour and we will get the opportunity to spend time with them again!

PS: If you know Shannon Kapp ask him about the Thailand Zoo and Snake Show that we went to!!! :)

On a little more intense side we have spent much time walking the streets that are identified as prostitution areas. I will be honest, these are hard areas. We are walking and praying and passing out food. Shannon and Justin are doing a little more searching out the area. We don't know all that is going to happen in these areas, but we know God will do great things!

We are resting for a couple of hours right now as we are going out late tonight. Please keep praying for safety, and protection of hearts and minds as we enter into the areas that are full of sexual immorality.

We love and miss all of you!


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Singapore to Bangkok

Hi, I'm writing from the Changi Airport in Singapore! We got here a few days ago and hit the road running. We spent the first two days prayer walking the Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim Temples. We saw God moving!

I am with the group that is headed to Bangkok, Thailand! We will be prayer walking there as well as helping the children on the streets!

I will try to write again...till you all and Blessings!

Marcie...Donovan is doing great!

Sunday, February 04, 2007


We leave the church in seven hours and our plane leaves SeaTac in about nine hours!

What am I doing this morning? Teaching Sunday School....what made me think I was functioning for Sunday School this morning? That's alright, I have four/five year olds and we will have fun this morning. Not much of a lesson will be taught, but we will still have fun!

Alright, I'm off to church...have to be there in eleven minutes and I still need to make a cup of coffee!

Ta Ta

Friday, February 02, 2007

What's an office without a chair?

So you're planning on re-modeling a spare bedroom into a home office? You get all this nice furniture in: the desk, the lighting, the window treatments, art work, a pimp computer system, you name got it! You start to look around and see that something is missing? Hmmm, what could it be?

A rug? Nope, in place!
Pencils, staplers, tape dispenser? Check, Check, Check!
I know a filing cabinet! Let's see, no that is right next to the desk.

I got it, I got it, I got it! A chair. Well, of course I forgot the chair. But you are in luck for I know a great site that you can go to that sells home office chairs. They have top quality leather chairs, they have upholstered chairs, they have totally cool looking oak chairs. They have chairs that swivel, that go round and round, and tilt back. They have chairs that make the peons of an office look like the CEO! You want it, they probably have it! Do you know what manufacturer you want your chair to come from? Well then, you can shop by manufacturer.

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Ice Cream

I scream,
You scream,
We all scream for

Why is it that people think ice cream is a good idea in the middle of winter? It is freezing cold out and we go, "Hmmm, I think ice cream sounds good right now!" No, not a nice cup of warm cocoa with whip cream on top, but ice cream. So who were the fabulous thinkers that thought ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery would be a good idea at 9:00 tonight? Oh yeah, me and the others I was with for dinner. We went to Hunan Gardens for dinner, and as we are sitting around talking the idea to go to Cold Stone popped up. I admit, I was all over the idea until....I WALKED OUTSIDE INTO THE FREEZING COLD WEATHER!
Did I still get my ice cream?

Of course, Coffee Lovers Only please!

Was it delicious? Of course it was!

So please, the only thing I ask is if you are thinking of partaking of Cold Stone in the middle of winter that you wear a coat! (yes, I saw teenagers in there wearing just t-shirts! Dumb!)

Funny and Weird Cartoons

I love to laugh, and my sense of humor, times it is a bit warped. So I laugh at some of the stranget things (and people look at my like I'm weird, go figure). Anyways, there is this artist, Oliver Gaspirtz, who started with his cartoons in magazines and such. However, his work is only seen via the internet. Some of his humor is off the wall and a bit bizaare, but he is funny! Here is a picture that I enjoy!
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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ugly Betty

OMG! Did you watch Ugly Betty tonight? Oh yeah....Daniel's dead brother came back from the dead as a woman known as Alexis....played by Rebecca Rojmin. It was definitely interesting.....Alex supposedly died in a skiing accident and then he went into hiding to have a sex change...then to come back to take over the magazine MODE. Oh it's getting interesting...and dang it I'm leaving for 18 days, that means 3 weeks of no Ugly Betty. Good thing abc plays their shows online!