Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hey You Guys.....

I should not, repeat, SHOULD NOT have to tell you what movie the title of my post is from!!!

See that house right in the middle?

The one right below the one on top?

Can you guess whose house it is?

Do you recognize this house?

Please, please tell me you are a child of the 80's!?!!!

Does this sign give you a better idea?

Are you a true Goonie?

If so, can you tell me whose house is below?

Hmmm...I wonder who knows whose house is whose....

I'm thinking that my BFF Susana knows exactly whose houses these are! If you are one of facebook friends your vote/guess doesn't count here as I already told you!!!

Do you recognize this place?

Nowadays it is known as the Flavel Museum...I guess he is some bigwig explorer type dude in Astoria, Oregon.

I know it as the workplace of Mikey's Dad!!! Remember when they are riding their bikes past and Mr. Walsh is raising the flag? This is where he worked!!

How 'bout this place?

Fratelli brother pretending to hang himself?

The ring of fire outside the county jail?
And this place?

The epitome of the movie THE GOONIES!!!!

This is Haystack Rock....one of the greatest visionary images of the movie!!!

You guessed it....I went and checked out the famous places from the movie The Goonies throughout Astoria. We also saw the elementary school for Kindergarten Cop and the rock levy from Free Willy.

You'd be amazed at the amount of movies made in and around Astoria! Did you know that Point Break, starring one hot Keanu Reeves, was filmed in the same ocean/park that the Goonies was? Mmm...hmmm...that's right!!!


Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I love, love, love the Goonies!! When that movie was out on VHS (oh my!), I put my tape recorder up to the TV to tape parts of the movie so I could listen to them again and again. This was before we could buy VHS tapes of movies, let alone have two VCR's to hook together to make a copy!

Jill said...

I knew exactly what it was before you gave the answer away. You should have kept everybody guessing! To this day that is my all time favorite family movie! I have watched that movie well over a 100 times and I know every single line to it. .SAD! I know!

Rachel Ann said...

Girls...good to know I have some cyberspace Goonie friends!!

Jill...do you know who the blue house belonged to?

The Blonde Duck said...

Hey you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!