Tuesday, April 06, 2010

It's OK Mom...

Let me tell you a story... (**Please do not take offense at anything you read...and if you do...don't read!**)

....A few nights ago my sister Shannon and her family were sitting down to dinner when they heard a loud knock on the door.

My sister told everybody not to answer the door as they don't know many people in their neighborhood. She also said that the only people that knock loudly at the front door are the Mormon neighbors, and she didn't feel like talking to them that particular night (honestly, she doesn't ever feel like talking to them...and they live in a town with a whole lot of Mormons!).

Again, another LOUD knock at the front door!!! My sister said, "Don't answer it!!"

However, y'all haven't met my six-year old nephew Mason.

Mason doesn't listen very well.

Mason is a highly energetic six-year old.

Again, a LOUD knock.

Then you hear Mason open the door and yell across the room..."It's OK Mom, it's not the Mormons!!!!"

OMG....(Oh My Gravy....according to my cutie patootie cowboys on Amazing Race)...how mortifying, but how freakin' hilarious! It happened to be somebody on personal business for my sister!

I bet that guy at the front door was laughing inside while trying to keep a straight face!

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