Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Guitar Hero Videos

When I was in Idaho a few weeks ago visiting my sisters I was introduced to Guitar Hero! Now I am familiar with Guitar Hero; however, I'm not a huge fan of video games, so I have never really played.

But whoa....

The kids got me hooked! I couldn't put the dumb guitar down! Even though I never really mastered much past the easy/medium stage it was a complete blast! I suppose if I were to ever buy myself a video game I would have to go with Guitar Hero!

Here I am rocking out! LOL! Really I didn't realize Brittany was even filming me...what I really like is the small snippet of Elly jamming out!

Don't BLINK!

Here is a few seconds of may be the only video you ever see of her...she is like an elusive pink unicorn only seen once in a blue moon on the fifth Sunday of the thirteenth month!

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