Friday, June 13, 2008

FREE Root Beer Floats

That's right!! FREE Root Beer Floats!

When? Where? Why?

Well, on Monday June 16th from can get a FREE float at A&W! Sweet!

My understanding is that A&W started this a few years back to celebrate the first day of summer. The news release this year is that they are doing it to give everyone a break from high gas prices! Whatever...FREE Root Beer Floats!! YEAH!!


Nina said...

I'm totally panicked right now!!! I don't know if they have one in AZ...I LOVE root beer floats from A&W!!!

Rachel Ann said...


No worries...I went to the A&W website and checked out the store locator section...there are stores in AZ!!!

How has the move been?

Nina said...

It went well. I LOVE it down here!!! I have never had the "I don't know where anything is" feeling long term. It's ok on vacations but THANK GOODNESS for navigation systems :O)

I will plug in A&W for sure! Hope all is well with you and you will have to come visit sometime :O)

Marcie said...

now if only I didn't need to DRIVE to get to an A&W!!! Dang those Details! LOL!