Monday, June 16, 2008

Root Beer Floaps with Auntie

that isn't a typo up there in the title!! Mason kept saying we were having Root Beer Floaps!! After the first few times of saying it he realized he was wrong, but knew he was cute so he kept saying it with that cute grin that just screams, "LOOK AT ME!! I'M A CUTIE!"

Anywho...I went to pick up the kids for a quick run to A&W tonight after work as it was FREE root beer float day. I gave you plenty of notice...did you go and get your FREE root beer float? are a few pictures from the camera phone. This is obviously me! I guess if you are new to my blog and don't know me that you wouldn't know that bit of info...right? Right!

This hottie blonde bombshell is Brittany! She went and had her hair done on Saturday. She told me she was a bit disappointed as she wanted the blonde look of Marilyn Monroe! Oh well...I think it looks cute...and yes, the bottom layer is black...quite the contrast she's got going on!

And of course, we have Mason! Can you tell he has a new haircut as well? It is short again! And today he asked big sis Britt to spike it into a Mohawk! He was so proud of it when I walked through the door that it was the first thing he told me about. And then the whole time we were at A&W he kept touching the top of his head and making sure he didn't bump into anything. Funny!

No Maddy today. She left early this morning with her Dad for a trip to Idaho to see his mom who is in the hospital and probably won't live much longer. I don't know if she is a born-again Christian or not, so if you could please pray that she is given the opportunity to know God and that she is cognizant to know what she is doing. Part of her sickness is dementia due to various strokes she has had over the years...she doesn't really recognize any of her family or children, so it is hard for them.

Happy Sunny least it is sunny here in the middle of nowhere!

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