Sunday, February 15, 2009


Jen over at TuTu's Bliss had a wonderful Hawaiin Aloha giveaway going, to which I put my name in the running....

Logged on to my email this morning and saw comments saying, "Congratulations on your Aloha win!"

You got it!! I won! Jen amazingly put together not just any ol' giveaway either, but a FANTASTIC giveaway....including:

a stunning Sand and Sea bracelet with seashell dangles from My Precious Peanut Designs
Hershey's Kisses with Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts!!
Chocolate Covered COFFEE beans. (YUMMMMMY)
Guava Macadamia Cookies
Papaya-Pineapple Jam from Hawaiian Sun
Pack of Microwaveable Pineapple Kettle Korn
Little Hawaiian Cookbooks "Tastes & Flavors of Hawai'i
(Includes exotic recipes like Liliko'i dressing and Tropical Ambrosia)
Sampling of handmade soaps from North Shore Soap Factory
Caramacs & Chocolate covered Macadamias from Hawaiian Host
Papaya Seed Dressing
Li Hing Powder
Kona Coffee
Carved Coconut Dish
"Beauty Pack" from Purse Passion
Aloha Hand Towel from Curly Top Boutique

Can you believe it? I'm so super stoked!!! Thank you again Jen for having such a great giveaway!!! Aloha


teampischke said...

You win more than anyone I know..I think I may start to enter some of those!
Hope you are well.
(at first I thought you were gonna announce you won a trip to Hawaii :)) said...

Yeah, congratulations!

Marcie said...

Shoot. you won something AGAIN!
Hot dang I gotta get my blog on their site and start commenting on theirs! ;)

The Blonde Duck said...

You made out like a bandit!

Sturgmom said...

Visiting from SITS!

That is an incredible prize! Way to go! Wouldn't we all like a bit of tropical goodness right about now!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

Wow! Yay!! That is AWESOME!

Kendall Micayla said...

My mom and I are rolling around on the floor laughing... not about what you wrote-but that picture of the sign on the right! I love it!
Now about your post, That is awesome! I have yet to win a giveaway but that must be so exciting!

mommy4life said...

Came by from SITS! Congrats on your win!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Rachel you won ! Way to go!
Your the best!

Ms Cupcake said...

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Jen said...

Hi I am here from SITS!! Congrats on your Aloha win!! After reading your all about me section I must say you are my kind of girl!! Can't wait to get to know you better!!


Aileigh said...

Congratulations! How exciting! Thanks for entering my giveaway! I am doing it again if you would like to enter. I am sorry about your grandpa. That must be tough.