Sunday, February 06, 2011

Family Pictures

Back in May, my Dad and I made a trip over to Idaho Falls, ID, to visit my two sisters and their families. I had been thinking about family pictures for a long (long, long) time and had actually planned them for a year ago Thanksgiving.

In my family you (meaning me!) just has to make things happen. So I scheduled the appointment, told everyone what to wear and made sure everyone made it the studio (yes, they were late!). My Dad was the worst one to drag his feet...he hates pictures. But he told me (and yes, I am quoting), "I am only doing this because I love you!"

So here are some of the shots from our pictures. I have individuals of all the kids, but need to rotate them before I can upload! We are missing one grandchild...Cassie wasn't with us! And Mom, I promise we will get some done with you in the near future!

Three Sisters!

Rachel (That's me! The older, bossy one!), Shannon (She's the middle child...sitting down) and Camille (Yes, she's the baby of the family!)

Dad (Art) and his girls!

Siefert-Ramirez Family

In the back (L to R) is Josh (20), Brittany (16) and Ernie

In the front (L to R) is Maddy (12), Shannon holding Jocelyn (1), Brandon (20) and Mason (7)

The whole family minus my Dad...Mason is looking a big manic!

The whole crew with Grandpa Art in the middle!

Dragness Family

Joe, Camille, Elliana (2) and Dajia (6)

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