Thursday, December 29, 2011

December in Review

 Of course, the season can't start without posting a letter to Santa!  Elly and I went to Macy's over Thanksgiving weekend and wrote all the things she wanted.  The most important was a PINK BARBIE HORSE!

 Cheese!  This girl is hilarious!  I love her!

 This is Dink!  You might also call her Jocelyn....we celebrated her 2nd birthday over Thanksgiving as well!

 I took a day to decorate my house for Christmas...look carefully...what do you see at the top of the tree?  

Of course, it is a TOP HAT! 
 Team Switzer and I went to Bellevue for a day for some shopping, dinner and a visit to Snow Flake Lane.  The inside of the mall was beautiful!

 Part of Snow Flake Lane was the drummers playing and the snowing falling right at 7 o'clock pm!

 We love celebrating all holidays, so we celebrated Chanukah one night.  We, meaning Carter and Elly, lit the menorah and Holly read the commentary that went with!

 We also played the Draydel and guess who won?  

Oh yeah, the Lady who wore the "Lucky Shirt"...I took the whole shebang!

Christmas morning was spent down at my Mom's house!  My Grandma Pat was down here with us as these women!

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