Thursday, January 19, 2012

Throw in the Towel...

Do you ever wish you could throw the towel in on this thing called life?  Just buck it all and join the circus; run away to a deserted island; or simply hide out in a strange city where no one knows you?

A bit drastic I know...but sometimes, like now, I just want to run away!

I'm tired of hearing, "No thank you!  You need more experience for this job."

I'm tired of seeing more bills than income.

I'm tired of being single and childless.

I'm tired of snow causing me to have no work.

I'm tired of dreams seeming to not come true.

I'm tired of life sometimes.

I'm the Queen of "It's goes on!"  And I know it does.

So what do I do? 

"Stick out my chin and grin and say, 'Tomorrow, tomorrow...the sun'll come out tomorrow!'"

No, even though I love that philosophy, I put out my hands and ask for the Lord to come and fill me, guide me and direct me.  I pray for a different door or window to be opened.  I pray for understanding, mercy and grace.  I pray that I have a better attitude.

I praise the Lord for good and bad times and I ask to be taught a lesson in the midst of everything I go through. I give Him all the glory!  I know that He is doing a good work in me!  I know that He NEVER leaves me nor forsakes me and when I am hurting the most He is carrying me in His arms!

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