Thursday, June 18, 2009

Costco Run

Dajia going for a ride in my Costco cart! When I opened my wallet to get my Costco card she saw that I had a couple of dollars inside....the whole time we were walking through the store she kept saying, "I want a dollar! I want a dollar!"

Isn't she just cute?

This cutie patootie is Elliana, she is 10 months old and practicing to be a football player! Just kidding...she is just a hefty thing that she looks like a football player! I'm not sure how my average size sister and her average size husband produce such big babies!!!

Don't you just want to grab those checks and squeeze???


Rocksee said...

aww they are so sweet!

Hans and Shinta viĆ° Neyst said...

Yeah..grab the cheeks and squeeze!!! My nieces hate it when I do that..haha..