Thursday, April 03, 2008


This is my 916th post!!!

I wasn't going to write about this specific post number; however, 916 is an important number to me!! It is my birthday: September 16th....9:16!!!!! LOL!!

If you don't know me very well, then you don't know how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE birthdays...especially MINE!!! I'm all about celebrating birthdays and making a big deal that it is your day! I mean come on God did decide to let you be born on that SPECIFIC day!!!

Anyway, I came to say I am still here, even though it has been a week or so since I posted. Life is ok....not grand, not spectacular but ok. But you know what? It is fine to be long as you are still depending on the Lord for everything in life...and I do! I know that He has my life under control and in the palm of his hands. There are multiple reasons for just ok...not going to get into all of it...because not all of it is mine to share. But I am struggling with living in Moses Lake. It is hard to be in a place where I don't really know anyone or have any real activities to go to. I go to work and I go home. Occasionally, I go to the bookstore for free internet and free books (LOL...that is where I am at right now) and I go to church on Sundays. I am complaining but not really complaining...just letting you know where I am at with life.

So how are all of you?


Marcie said...

You are so funny! You should be back in Puyallup for your B-day at the very least.

Monica said...

Of course, I wish you were in Carlsbad with all of us EA girls!Hang in there, its hard to remember God always has a plan for us.