Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Nice word isn't it?

Know what it means?


Why do I share it with you?

Because I am flummoxed at this point in my life as to how to study for a test that isn't happening until JULY! Yes, you heard me...JULY!!!

I hear you all saying, "Don't panic Rachel, you have lots of time!"

You don't understand what this test entails! UGH!!!

I sat down last night to start studying and hit a wall. The amount of information I need to know is overwhelming. Where to start studying is overwhelming. How to study is overwhelming. Yes, it is just ALL overwhelming!

If anyone has an OVERWHELMING desire to help me study for the Washington State Social Studies Content Test (aka...the Praxis) feel free to drop me a line....you are more than welcome!

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Nina said...

Wish I could help ya out here...but I got nuttin. :O(