Monday, April 21, 2008

From Heat Wave

All in one day!

Yep, I went out to my car this morning and saw snow on top of my poor baby! Yesterday, it was nice out...windy, but nice. And now this evening, I'm melting from the heat of the sun shining through the windows. I'd like to be one of those people that talks about "Mother Nature" but I know it is God who has the say about the he just trying to make sure we are all awake and paying attention? Is he trying to get our attention for some reason? thinks He is trying to show us something.....I mean really, SNOW on April 21st?

In other news....Happy Late birthday to my baby sister Camille! She turned 26 last Wednesday the 16th...she's not really a baby anymore...she's a mom of a 3-year and MEGA prego with #2.

Yesterday, Maddy and I went to visit my Grandparents. It was my Granma's birthday yesterday! They are doing well. A bit frustrated with all the medical issues that my Grandpa is still facing. He doesn't really seem to be getting better, in fact, he almost seems worse. He has a hard time talking to you, and is constantly tired. The talking is due to the loss of salivary glands and the tired is because his blood seems to always be low. He was in for another transfusion last week, and they go into "town" every week so that he can have dialysis and be checked by the doctors. My Grandma is hoping that in a few weeks they will be back up and running with dialysis at home and won't have to go into Spokane constantly. Another sad realization that he isn't going to get any better is that they are selling their boat. To some that doesn't seem like a big deal, but for them it is life changing. They are very active outdoors people, but haven't been able to enjoy the activities that they normally enjoy such as fishing and hunting with my Grandpa being sick. Keep him in your prayers!

Today I met with the principal at Moses Lake High School to talk about doing pre-clinical experiences at his school. These are clinical experiences PRIOR to me actually student teaching in January. I'm a bit nervous. You wouldn't think so since I've been subbing for a few years; however, there was never a "real" teacher in the classroom critiquing me!!! AHHH...the joys of becoming a teacher. Breathe, Rachel,'ll be all right!

To end this update of my life in a nutshell (where did that phrase come from anyway?) I want to honor my Green Friend Marcie (no she isn't related to Kermit)...she is green in that she is doing her best to be Earth friendly, recycle, reduce, and reuse. She has lots of great ideas over at her site...and I've been thinking of her all day because she sent me an incredibly funny email about her husband the recent purchase of a VW Bus!!! If you are lucky she will share with all of us in bloggerville the story! Till then...TTFN!

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Marcie said...

WHAT UP??!!??! PRops to me! I'll be posting the VW Bus story soon I assure you!