Thursday, April 24, 2008

American Idol

Ok, so not everyone cares to hear about American Idol; however, this is my first post of this season. Last night's departure was a complete shocker!! Really America how could you vote to keep Jason Castro on and not Carly Smithson? Granted, I don't think she would have won...I believe one of the David's will take that honor...but still, Jason Castro? He didn't sound good this week...he didn't really know who Andrew Lloyd Weber was...he didn't know that Memories comes from the musical CATS and he didn't take Mr. Weber's advice on how to sing the song!!! It is sad that this is a population contest and not an actual singing contest as Simon tells us constantly!

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Monica said... made me so mad to see her go! She is so talented. Did you see Jason YAWN when he was in the back waiting for his turn? Is he bored?!? You are right, it's sad it has turned into a popularity contest.