Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Here are some family snapshots from Thanksgiving! The only person missing seems to be Ernie...I'll have to find some of him!

Rachel, Shannon and Camille

Group shot
Camille and Elliana....hug time!

My favorite way to take pictures....self-portrait style!

Me, Brittany, Maddy and Elly

Me and Brittany! She had the whole week off of school so we got to spend a lot of time together!

Sisters...Maddy and Brittany with little cousin Elly

Almost all the grandkids (Ernie's weren't here this year).

Brandon (the oldest at 19), Brittany (15), Maddy (11), Elliana (on shoulders...15 months), Mason (6) and Dajia (5). Brandon, Britt, Maddy and Mason are brothers/sisters and Dajia and Elly are sisters! I have no contributions to the grandchildren pool (at least not yet!)

Just different facial expressions in this picture...

Maddy's at that awkward stage...too little to hang out with the older kids and too old to play constantly with the little kids! But she sure does love the little kiddos....what a great big sister and cousin she is.