Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gingerbread House Competition 2009

Once again, I bring you funky, wacky and entertaining Gingerbread Houses from my College Christmas Party (yes, this has become quite the tradition for our group of zany friends!).

Here's the rules:

1. Must contain gingerbread
2. All items must be edible
3. Can no longer contain savory items such as chili (yes, this was done a few years ago)
4. Can be anything theme or any kind of house, store or structure you choose!This was a Bayou Christmas brought to you by Ty and LiAnne...

They won "Best Non-Traditional Christmas setting/locale"

This lovely farm, complete with candy corn fields, a silo, a tractor and an animal cookie farm was made by Dan D. and Cecelia....

They won "Best use of a landscape theme"

This "Cowboys and Indians" gingerbread theme was made by myself, Christina and Alicia. Notice our Cowboys are hiding behind the tree waiting to see if the Indians were friendly or not. Some others called our creation "Custer's Last Christmas"!

We won "Best Non-Traditional Use of Gingerbread" Meaning we didn't buy a pre-fab house and put it together, but rather made our own gingerbread and formed it into a lovely TeePee.

I also had to eat a bite of the candle and wick that made up our fire so that we would not be disqualified!!

And this lovely snowman factory was made by Clayton and Katie! A few years ago they made Mr. Smileys Reindeer Jerky Factory and this year Mr. Smileys' brother-in-law Mr. Happy was showing off his snowman factory!

This picture above shows how the snowman are gently led, well um, maybe whipped into going inside....And this picture shows that once inside you don't come out the same! In this case the snowmen come out as Freezer Pops (aka...Otter Pops)....

They won "Best re-visit of a gingerbread theme" or something such as that!

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