Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving Prep

My sister Camille and I drove over 15 hours last Saturday/Sunday to Shelley, Idaho (right next door to Idaho Falls) to have Thanksgiving with our sister Shannon and her family. Almost everyone participated in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner....

We put my nephew Brandon and his friend Jennifer to work by cleaning the kitchen! Why is cleaning the kitchen the worst job imaginable?

I have no idea what I was doing here! Brittany is in the background and it looks like Ernie's butt is back there too!!


I think he was taking the turkey out for us....lifting the turkey in and out and mashing potatoes was his only job besides eating dinner!
My sister Shannon busy making stuffing.

See that huge belly? That is baby Jocelyn and she was supposed to make her appearance while we were there. But did she listen to all of us? Of course not!!! She is STILL sitting comfortably inside her Momma...silly little girl!
Keeping busy in the kitchen!

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