Friday, February 09, 2007


Greetings from Bangkok!

The first group of students are finishing up here today, and are headed out to the Kalmantan Jungle (Borneo, Indonesia) tomorrow. The second group will be in Bangkok on Tuesday.

We had no real agenda coming to Bangkok other than scoping things out and praying. God is so good that he directed our paths the very first day we were prayer walking. We were looking for areas that homeless people and orphan children live in order to feed them. Pastor Christopher thought to go to a church and ask....long story short....Shannon was given time with two sisters from the Catholic church, and we have set up a day next week where we will be going to a hospital and praying with a lady who has terminal brain cancer. The same day we will also be visiting a children's AIDS hospital.....simply there to pray and more importantly to love on children.

Yesterday was a combination of play and prayer. We took a boat tour down the main river...prayed over temples, government buildings, universities, etc. We believe that our main thing yesterday was simply time spent with our two tour guides Ann and Nina....both who are Buddhist. We spent from 7:30 am to about 8pm with them. It was great! The group next week will be going on the same boat tour and we will get the opportunity to spend time with them again!

PS: If you know Shannon Kapp ask him about the Thailand Zoo and Snake Show that we went to!!! :)

On a little more intense side we have spent much time walking the streets that are identified as prostitution areas. I will be honest, these are hard areas. We are walking and praying and passing out food. Shannon and Justin are doing a little more searching out the area. We don't know all that is going to happen in these areas, but we know God will do great things!

We are resting for a couple of hours right now as we are going out late tonight. Please keep praying for safety, and protection of hearts and minds as we enter into the areas that are full of sexual immorality.

We love and miss all of you!


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