Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hello Again

Hi! I'm still in Bangkok, hanging out with Branden S. We are on our own for a few days as we wait for the next group of students to come in tomorrow. Some of the things we have done while here:

1. We buy food and water every day and take it to people on the streets. There is a mom with two children about two blocks from our hotel, and she is getting to know us as we go every day.

2. We have been going to red light district and praying our butts off!!! Honestly, some of what we see there is horrible, but we know God is working.

3. Praying at temples. We went to the temple here on the left, Wat Arun. There are steps actually going up that we walked (not all the way to the top). It is a Hindi temple full of demonic images and such. Just behind in one of the smaller temples someone wrote Scripture out on a piece of paper and left it under a footstool so that the Hindu temple would have the word of God in it!!!! Then right by that temple is a place that people can ring four different bells to ward away evil spirits. So as I was waiting I would go behind people and silence the bells once they rang them!!!!! It is hard sometimes to imagine how and why people worship at these places, but we know that the devil is sneaky in how he attracts people. One day, this country will be returned to God....until then? We keep praying!
The first week was an exploration week as I said in my last post, and this next week we will be doing more "work". It will be long days and nights, but it is great to be able to have an impact in such a country as this!
~marcie, Donovan is joining me this week!~
Love you all!
rachel ann


natalie said...

Ienjoy being on the trip with you-- praying for you and all the people you encounter. NATALIE

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
So good to hear from you. We are praying for all and want to wish you all a happy Valentines day! You are all loved much! Please tell Jonas and Melissa that Tessa and I will pick them up at the airport and that we are so proud of them and think of them many times during the day.
Love, Suzan (Jonas Mom-Melissas hostmom)

Marcie said...

Rachel can you babysit my dogs when I'm in Disneyland? (not joking here)
I'll pay you & you can live here. BTW, Donovan will have to go elsewhere & I Keep forgetting to talk to him about that one! Oops! Miss you!!!

Rachel Ann said...


i hope you check in and read this! yes, i think i can....i'm trying to go to spokane the sunday/monday we get back....when do you leave again?