Thursday, February 15, 2007

More Updates

Hello again!

I have a few free minutes this morning, as we are doing most of our ministry this week at night.

Yesterday we had the greatest opportunity to attend the funeral of a prominent Buddhist man, yes, we attended a Buddhist funeral. It was different; however, we believe that God worked in many lives yesterday even though we didn't see it physically. We paid our respects inside the temple praying and we were given incense to use. Now don't freak out!!! Think about it....How great is it that we were able to have the opportunity to pray to OUR GOD in the midst of a buddhist funeral in their temple????? And the fragrance? We simply prayed that it would be a fragrance unto the Lord. Sometimes you have to be a part of the local customs to share the love of Christ, and we were given that opportunity yesterday. Melissa Bixler was able to share with the deceased's sister (or sister in law) that Jesus loves her! Amazing. I also prayed for the daughter and believe that if anyone, she will be the link for that family to come to know Christ. God is working in Thailand!

Today we are headed out to the orphanges that I have been talking about. We cannot openly pray for these children, but all of you know that our prayers will still be heard as we bless them and ask for healing in their bodies, their minds and their spirits! I expect to share great miracles and stories with you all!

We have also been able to spend extra time with Nina our tour guide outside of her working. She loves being with us, but isn't quite sure what to make of us crazy Americans. We believe she is going to come to know the Lord!

We love you, and we thank you so much for your prayers! We will see you on the 21st!

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