Friday, February 23, 2007

500th Post!

KMPS Chicks with Attitude!
So I decided my 500th post deserved a cute picture of me!! Yes, I know selfish, but hey, this is my blog! Anywho...that is me and Flo (KMPS Afternoon Traffic Maven) at the Charlie Daniels Concert in December. She is probably my favorite KMPS personality (along with Tony!)....she is always smiling and has such positive things to say.


Marcie said...

Hey Rachel! Glad you are all safely home! thanks for keeping reins on D's spending! (LOL!)
don't worry about babysitting Dogs, although if you could stick your head in on our cat that would help, but D can do that! If he doesn't set off the alarm again!!!

Rachel Ann said...

oh, i was thinking of you before I went to bed last night!!! Maybe you should email me the alarm code! :) I still can't access hotmail, but my email is working.

Have tons of fun...see ya when you get back!!!