Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Granpa!

Yesterday was my Granpa Shorty's 80th Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Granpa!

I drove over to their house yesterday afternoon and spent the night with them. I knew they weren't going to really "celebrate", but I am one of those people who think everyone should celebrate EVERY BIRTHDAY!!! Especially when you are turning 80!!!!

I bought a slice of white cake for him, and some candles and decided to sing "Happy Birthday" to him myself. I know he thought I was crazy beforehand, but he really thought I was bit much when I gave him cake and balloons! But secretly, I think he was excited and pleased that I did something for him!

I'd like to say we got to visit a lot last night; however, the land phone and the cell phone were ringing a bit excessively while I was there!! He has lots of friends and family that called with birthday greetings!

He chuckled when he saw me come in with the helium balloons I bought for him. I especially liked the "I LOVE YOU" Frog!

I'd like to say it was a great visit; however, this morning he was having some chest pains and plain not feeling well. He has been sick for quite some time now, and he is getting worse! After calling all the doctors he sees, my Granma was advised to drive him into Spokane and check him into the hospital (again!) away they went.

My mom just called and told me that his blood was very low, so they are going to give him a blood transfusion, and that he would be in the hospital two or three days. Not only is it hard on him (he hurts, he is weak, and he is just plain sick of being sick), but it is extremely difficult on my Granma. She takes care of him daily, making sure he has his meds, gives him dialysis every day and driving back and forth to all the doctor's visits and hospital stays.

Now, I don't want my Granpa to die; however, I know that he is a Christian and knows Jesus! So when that day does come, I know that he will be once again enjoying what he has been missing out on the last few years...FISHING! He will get to spend some great afternoons fishin' on the lake with Jesus! But until then, if you could send a prayer out for my Grandparents that would be wonderful....

....Heavenly Father I pray for your Holy Spirit Comforter to be with my Grandfather and Grandmother as they face the disabilities of the disease that is eating his body. I know you are a God of healing; however, I also know that healing comes in all forms and fashions...Ultimately, I pray for peace in my Grandfather's life...peace in his body and peace in his spirit. I pray that you would ease his discomfort and ease my Grandma's worries. I know that they know you and I pray that they would continually lean on you for their strength!

Just a few seconds of my Granpa blowing out his candles!

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Nina said...

That was such a beautiful post...thank you for sharing. Maybe someday my Grandpa will have a new fishing partner but until then your family will be in my prayers.