Monday, January 14, 2008

I Wanna Be a TV Star

Well it is only fitting that I write this blog post, seeing as I just wrote about being on the Price is Right for a brief few seconds! Susana and I have talked for years about writing and starring in our own TV sitcom. We feel as if our life is one long sitcom that others would definitely laugh at (hmmm, I hope they are laughing because we are funny, not laughing out of pity!!).

Well, in todays world the world of the internet is literally my oyster! What better way to share with the entire population my life! I already put pictures and videos here on my blog, but sometimes a much broader diving board is needed to let people know all about ME!! So do you want your 15 minutes of fame on TV too? Oh, now is your chance (Marcie, I know you are dying to get on TV :) ). What you need to do is upload your videos to the website YawpBox and wait and see if your video is chosen to be "discussed" on their 30 minute television show hosted by Lex and Terry. They will discuss the social networking of Yawpbox and the users who make up the Yawpbox community. This show is filmed in front of a live studio audience in Dallas, TX. Oh I love those words, "In front of a Live Studio Audience"!

Speaking of Lex and Terry, they have a CHALLENGE for all you people out there! They have various categories for you to enter for your chance to be on them your best them your mullet (do you really want to admit you had a mullet?) them your best homemade them your reenactment ofI ha your favorite movie scene....there are so many opportunities for you and ME to be a movie star!

Ok, so I have to leave you with this is posted under the "Do the most extreme thing" and you can be on, yeah I wish I knew what this was a picture of. Do you have any ideas?

So, what are YOU going to do to get your 15 minutes of fame? Are you going to create a video? Post a picture? WHAT???? The options are many, the audience is enormous, the opportunity to be famous is priceless!

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