Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

What an amazing year 2007 has been! 2007 was a very busy year for me! The word of the year at my church for 2007 was "Go Deep!", and I did! Here is just a brief recap of my year:

  • Went to SE Asia in February for the third year in a row! Was able to see God move in ways I wasn't expecting.
  • God gave me some "Go Deeps" for my life this year
  • Started a Roth IRA retirement account...for most that isn't a go deep; however, when you are struggling to pay bills and figure out where you are going to get money, this was big for me! GO DEEP #1--Retirement/Finances
  • Continuation of GO DEEP #1--Finances: I paid off two credit cards! And am looking forward to paying off the last three in 2008...and being completely credit card debt free within the next six months! Praise Jesus!
  • GO DEEP #2--Education. I started working on my Masters Degree in Education in May. I am scheduled to begin student teaching in January 2009 and finishing my thesis that year and eligible to teach Fall of 2009...High School History Teacher!
  • I bought a brand new 2007 Saturn Ion in July! Sadie is definitely a God car, as I knew I needed a car but never thought I would qualify for a brand new car with 0% interest. God was definitely blessing me for decisions made!
  • I had been planning a move to San Diego for two years to help church plant, and I moved down to Oceanside, CA in August!
  • Just three short months later I moved BACK to WA as I was offered a job in Moses Lake, WA. God was once again blessing me financially with this new job. It didn't seem like the place I wanted to move to (and still doesn't sometimes), but the blessing of God was all over this job.
  • GO DEEP #3--Relationships. I have definitely deepened a few relationships this year that mean a lot to me, and have realized that there are people in your life for short periods of time and there are others that are there for the long life journey. I am beginning to sort out those who are my life long journeyer's and those who I am ok with just being short timers!
  • GO DEEP #3--Relationships. My final Go Deep for the year was to start the paperwork to locate my biological parents. I sent my paperwork off last week and hopefully will hear something soon as to the progress. I will definitely keep people updated.
What does 2008 look like?

That on one hand a hard question to answer on the other easy! I know that financially I am going to keep working on restoring credit and paying off bills! I plan on saving quite a bit so when I student teach I have money to live on.

Most importantly...I simply live my life to give God glory and honor. I am not super Christian....I have flaws and habits that aren't the best. But I do recognize that every open door, every blessing and every move I make is for God and from God. I pray God's blessing for each and every one of you!

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Nina said...

I am glad to hear that 2007 was good to you and I hope 2008 is even better! I hope your experiance w/ finding your biological family works out. Mt husband found his B. family last summer and it was great. Emotional process but totally worth it. Good be on ya!