Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Last Saturday I took the kids to Chuck E Cheese...we had to drive over an hour to get there...and we ended up staying for about four hours...all in all we had fun!

Mason is flying high on some toddler ride that takes you up in a circle off the ground...a bit strange for Chuck E Cheese, but he liked it!
Enjoying a big ol' sucker!

He gets his love of sweets from his Dad...who seems to have candy all the time~

I love this picture! He is so fun to watch when he is laughing...I love this boy...

My sweaty little man...worked up quite the sweat running around playing on the tubes and slides and spending all his coins. I totally love Chuck E Cheese because it is one of the safest kids places you can go can see the majority of the restaurant from any seat...the security getting out is good (they check each child with the parent...they stamp your hands with a number!)

He also gets irritated at me for taking so many pictures and thus the annoying faces he always gives me...those are my favorites too!
Party like a ROCK STAR!!!


Anonymous said...

The Chuck E. Cheeses near us are just horrific. The last time we went, we witnessed patrons screaming racial slurs at the white manager that their pizza didn't come fast enough. We ordered before them, and got our pizza after them. It was just busy, and they wanted it all free. We finally got our pizza, and a grown man (different family) came over to our table, picked up some of our pizza and ate it. He glared at me as if to challenge me. Children from the first group (the screaming maniacs) pushed my daughter down, and took her tokens.

Seriously, visit a Chuck E Cheese right after welfare gets paid.

Rocksee said...

Aww.. he looks like he had fun!