Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hey There...It's Me...Rachel!

oh...did you know you can now blog via mobile and email??? Hmmmm...I might need to check on that!

So sorry to my faithful readers (there are some out there right? Thanks Tabitha for checking in on me today)....I can't say that I've been so busy that I couldn't blog, but I've been busy!!! LOL!

I was gone for four days over to the other side of the mountains...I had a career fair to go to (don't even ask how it went!)...then I spent time hanging out with Holly and her family. I even got a visit in with Marcie (thanks for the yummy ice cream!) and her cute chickens (I say chickens because her son Noah barely said Hello...must be that age!).

On Friday we went and hung out at the Puyallup Spring Fair...and yes, Nina I had corn on the cob for you!! It rained a bit off and on, but overall the weather was pretty decent and we had a lot of fun.
Went on a few rides...well Carter went on most of them although I did convince Holly to go on the gondola ferris wheel...didn't realize how petrified she was up there. Carter and I were having a blast and she was hanging on for dear life!!!
Yes, this is me laughing at the top of the ferris wheel as the rain was beating down on us...I did notice that Holly was holding on to the middle bar as she took my picture!

We also saw some animals...Pigs...lots and lots of smelly pigs
Miniature horses that Carter absolutely loved...probably because someone in the barn said he could touch them.
And more smelly animals...cows!

ate some food...Mom...come back with that yummy COTTON CANDY!!!This picture totally cracked me up...I had Holly take it to be funny as I ate my popcorn and coincidentally the lady next to me was eating a bite of popcorn at the same time!!! I'm going to call this scrap book page Synchronized Popcorn Eating!!!

walked through all the booths and watched a few shows such as the flying dogs and dancing horses.
Oh, I also got to play a good game of checkers with Barb.

Saturday we walked through downtown Sumner and went into the little shops along main street. I graduated from Sumner High School and man it sure has changed since I graduated...I must be getting old! :)

Being home this week I've been feeling in the crafty mode so I've got some of the projects out that never got finished at the CK conventions I go to. I finished a cute wall hanging and started on a few books too...I'm prepping myself for a fun weekend of scrapping with Jen and Holly next month!!!

I was also finishing up the last few assignments for school...passed them all (even after I acidentally deleted half of one them when doing revisions...ugh!!!)

I am now changing some stuff with school in order to get my WA State teaching license easier and hopefully quicker. I am changing my MA program to a Post-Baccaluareate (sp?) program...GRADUATING next month and then rejoining the MA program later this summer!

I also heard a small rumor that my local high school might, MIGHT, be hiring a history teacher for this fall....please, please pray that this is an open door from God and that the job is mine if it truly does become an availble job!

So that's my life right now in a small nutshell! I'm going to Pasco this weekend to attend a dinner auction with my friends Christina and Ismo...I'm hoping to win something and at the same time support Christina's school...they are a private school trying to raise money for a new school building! Wish me luck!


Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

To teach at your old school?!? How exciting! I have always said that if the Univ. of North Dakota (where I went to school) had an opening in admissions to lead orientation every summer, I'd be all over that!

Good luck!

Rocksee said...

Everyone looks like they had a great time!!

Anonymous said...

Yes...prayer always for you! Popcorn pic is sooo crack me up!

Jill said...

Looks like everyone had fun.. even in the rain!!!!!!!! :)

Sorry I haven't been around there has been a lot going on!
Have a great weekend!

The Blonde Duck said...

I really hope you get the history teaching job! That would be so fantastic for you! And I hope things go easier for with the school. They always overcomplicate things...

And I just have to say, I would have wiped out on those giant checkers. That just screams falling on my butt.

Bethany said...

It looks like everyone had fun! I didn't realize spring fairs even existed... said...

My daughter just walked by and said - "ooooh look at the animals!"


thanks for visiting today


Fresh Mommy said...

Looks like you HAVE been busy... but looks like a fun time. Love the popcorn eating pic!!


Leslie, the cleaning coach said...

Love your site, especially the chair and the beach at the top. You look like a very happy woman!

Anonymous said...

Had so much fun with you at the fair, even though you did beat me in that game of checkers! The corn was an awesome way to usher us off the fairgrounds...ymmmm! Barbara XXOO

~Mrs Sandy~ said...

Just found your blog through SITS and wanted to stop by and say hello! I hope you have a wonderful day!
Hugs, Sandy

Rachel Ann said...'re just not blogging as much as you should these days, lady. We miss you in the blogging world. =)