Thursday, December 11, 2008


I've been decorating my house, and not just for Christmas!!! Here are pictures of some of my new stuff (and some of my Christmas stuff!)

I bought this cute chalk board weekly calendar with shelf and hooks at the CK Convention a few weeks ago. I'm a little bummed because the marker they had to go with it (which cost me $3) doesn't come off very well so I'm not using it...gotta find something else.

The picture above was my birthday present from my BFF a few years ago after our Disney Cruise with her whole family...good times!
This is my new favorite wreath...all bells for only $8. Found it at the Portland Christmas Expo Thanksgiving weekend! Quite a steal considering the craft stores were selling boxes of just bells for over $15...thieves!

Here is my Christmas Village (I might have posted this already...but oh well) and there is some strange guy on my TV!!

I have a Church, a Victorian House, Hotel, Kris Kringle's Coffee House, Downtown Businesses, a sleigh full of people, a Christmas Tree and Carolers and a gazebo with Santa Pictures on the top.

The one just below is a CASINO...with flashing lights and everything...

Below that, on the bottom, is a ski chalet, trees and water tower.

Not a bad town to live in if you are an inch high and made out of ceramic!

This is my 14 year old niece Brittany who thinks that picture taking is a crime. She won't let me take her picture so she hides her face...YET I think it worse that I post her picture on the internet hiding..when will this girl learn?
This is my new favorite sign! Bought it at the same Portland Expo....I had bought these fantastic wrought iron hooks to put on it instead of the small white hooks they gave me, but they were way too big for the sign covering the letters and I'm going to use my hooks and make a coat rack.

I know, I know I need better stockings...but the one in the middle is my stocking from when I was a baby!

This is my fav!!

I found this 4 foot rustic star on sale for half price at Craft Warehouse. The wall still looks a little bare; however, I really bought it for the day that I live in a 'real' house (because obviously my house now is fake!) and have either high ceilings or a cool staircase.

I found this plate holder at Craft Warehouse as well....wrought iron with fleur de something (I don't pronounce it very do you expect me to write it???)

I bought these decorative plates in Spain when I was there four years ago, and have never really had a place to display them. Now I do!

The top plate is from is one of the castles Disney uses for the princesses!

The second plate is of Madrid.

The third plate is from a little town named is a very small town, and is the birthplace/hometown of my BFF Susana's Grandmother. While we were there we think we found the house that she lived in...very cool to see personal history like that!
Here are my plates settled between the two new collage frames that I bought on Black Friday. I honestly bought one of the frames to be a Christmas present for my sister, then when I got home I decided I needed both of them for balance.

The pictures on the left are all from Spain and the pictures on the right are all from SE Asia. My plan is to either do vinyl lettering or wood letters above the whole thing saying..."EXPLORE"!

There you have it! Thanks for taking a little walk around my living room.

Happy Decorating to you all!


Nichole said...

Love that chalkboard calendar! And the picture of your niece is too funny!

What a small world!! The last name of my family who live in Maple Valley is Norton. I think they moved there about 10 years ago or so from Renton.

mommaof4wife2r said...

i love the big stars! i have a few myself! i heard here in the midwest that back in the underground railroad days, a star on a house meant it was a safe haven...who knows. they are still pretty today

Michelle said...

I love that stocking hook thingy (is that the official name?)... anyway, I've got a lot of the stars also in different sizes all over my house. Love them!

Thanks for visiting on my SITS day! It was great!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh I love decorating and taking a peep inside people's homes. I love your little fav...the casino!

Had to stop by and congratulate you on being 2nd today at SITS. Woot!

Rebecca Jo said...

HOLY COW - that is the biggest star I've ever seen.... are you in Texas???

Love the chalkboard & love the Stocking's hung sign.. very cute.

and you're right - teens dont learn - they'd look better with a smile other than hands making wierd shapes over the face!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm so glad to see you still have your stocking! Your 2nd Christmas was when I made the stockings for you and your sis.
Soo proud of you! Your decorations look great!

Rachel said...

Okay I love your chalk board & stocking sign & Barn star & village... Okay I just love it all!! Great stuff!

Rachel said...

I have the same barn star serving as my headboard.... Okay NOW I'm done...

Why Mom Drinks Rum said...

Ooooo, Christmas village!

Hubby wants to set one of those up one of these years. Unfortunately we have a demon-spawned cat that will

a) eat the trees
b) eat the people
c) knock the houses off of whatever they are on
d) sleep on top of them and coat them in fur.

Should have bought a chinchilla instead.

Thanks for the comment love!