Monday, December 01, 2008

$200 Target Gift Card

How would you like to win that?

I know I would!!!

Here's how...go to my favorite site that is all about bloggy love The Secret is in The Sauce (or SITS)! They are doing a Merry Sitsmas day tomorrow and there are prizes ALL DAY long...and the GRAND PRIZE is a $200 Target Gift Card...way awesome! I'm all signed up and ready to go...come on join me...hey you know it've seen me win prizes from all these contests I enter online!

Remember...Merry SITSmas...TOMORROW!


flickrlovr said...

I am SO excited for tomorrow! I would die if I won the Target card...gah!

Jamie said...

I can hardly wait until tomorrow!

Jamie said...

Merry SITSmas!