Friday, December 12, 2008

Maddy's Christmas Concert

Today we had my niece Maddy's Christmas Concert...this time it lasted about 25 minutes. They sounded pretty good and most had the little choreogrpha down....everyone except Maddy...what is it with her and Mason? It's a good thing they're cute!!!

Here she is....Madalyne Ember...she wants to be rock star when she grows up!

Today's Concert was A Song of Peace. They sang four songs and did a good job!

Here is my and Maddy...not the greatest picture of myself, but oh well!

There she jack near the front....Shannon and Ernie's kids are always going to be in the front rows seeing as how they are both short!

Here are the fourth graders!

And here is a little video of Maddy and her fellow fourth graders!


Anonymous said...

Precious Moments! She is too cute to be a rock star! But she is defintely our shining star!
What a great Auntie you are!!
Love you,
Mom :)

The Blonde Duck said...

Aww congrats! How sweet!