Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I've been tagged by Melissa over at My Little World: Choo-Choos, Cars and lip gloss...and of course I am going to play along!

Seven Random Facts:

1. I am only 8 months and 7 days older than my middle sister Shannon. No, we aren't delayed twins (and yes, I have been asked that before). No, my mom did not have me, get pregnant a week after my birth and then have my sister prematurely (and yes, again, I have been asked that!). I am adopted! I was adopted at three days old and my mom was pregnant at the time and did not realize it!

2. I have at least 75 cousins...that's right, at least 75! Well over 50 of those are cousins on my paternal side and they are mostly first cousins! My dad is the oldest of 10!

3. I'm not handy...meaning I don't do well hanging stuff and such so my brother-in-law comes to my rescue quite a bit (in fact he is supposed to come over tonight and hang a bunch of stuff for me and help me put up my Christmas Tree!). He is excited for the day that I get married so that he doesn't feel as if he has two wives!

4. My favorite bike growing up was this fantastic Black and White boy's BMX racing bike! Ahhh...memories. I used to zip down the hill that we lived on with no hands until one day I biffed it at the bottom of the hill and skinned my arm from the shoulder to my wrist...had to go get x-rays to make sure nothing was broken and I think everyone in my neighborhood (and the surrounding neighborhoods) heard me screaming bloody murder...it hurt like HELL!!!

5. I am a Halloween fanatic. I am a born-again Christian. I believe in Jesus. But I LOVE Halloween. I'm sure it comes from all the years of trick-or-treating as a kid!

6. I have been to a water amusement park in Malaysia. Yes, it is strange to go to amusement parks in other countries. They look at you funny and no one speaks English. The day we went there was about 20 of us taking a fun day in the middle of a mission's trip. We have a good friend who is Malaysian take us, and they actually PAID HIM because they were so excited to have American tourists at their park. Our group had a difficult time playing by the rules....meaning the boys would jump off the river ride about half way down and then jump into the next raft coming down...and on one of the slides they decided to do a logjamb with everyone...I bowed out of that one due to the stupidity of the idea...I remained safe....some made it out with injuries!

7. I was the only graduate the year I graduated from college! I attended a very, very small private Christian college in Columbus, GA and at that time they didn't have many people graduate each year. Needless to say, we had no graduation ceremony that year, but I did go back down the following year and participate in their graduation...even then I think there was only 6 or 7 of us!

Who am I going to tag?

I am actually not going to tag anyone, because I don't have the best of luck having people respond. So if you are a visitor (HEY SITSa's!) then feel free to grap the tag picture and blog away! If you do, will you please link back to me or tell my that you did it so I can read your responses?


LenaLoo said...

I'll bite, I'll tag myself! Thanks for coming by my blog on SITSmas... Mind if I add you to my blogroll?

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

Interesting stuff my fellow SITSa.

debilyn said...

CONGRATS!! You won the Luv That Post! Open House giveaway!!!

Don't forget to email your mailing information to me so I can get your prizes to you =)

Have a wonderfully "luv"ly day!

Ronnica said...

Wow, that must have been different growing up with a sister that close in age. Well, not different for you. Man, I think that was a dumb thing to say. I guess I would imagine that it would be fun, but there would be challenges, too. (Hey, I didn't always like being 19 months apart from my brother, and he was a boy.)


There's a family in our church that did that very same thing (adopted and then had a baby), too. What a double blessing!

Yaya said...

That must have been cool growing up w/ a sis so close in age!