Friday, December 12, 2008

Mason's Christmas Concert

Yesterday my nephew Mason had his school Christmas Concert. Gone are the days of all students coming together for one concert usually at we have each grade doing there own thing and it only lasting 15 minutes (really trying to be nice; however, it was quite a let down to go to the school for only 15 minutes!). I understand why they can't with some of these smaller districts...they have way too many kids and not enough room! Ok....I'm off my soap box!

Here's the little charmer himself...Kindergartener Mason...I swear no one beats the kid (although he might deserve it sometimes)...but I'm not sure why the dark circles under his eyes....probably because he doesn't get enough sleep!
The Kindergarten Concert was Decorate the Tree...four songs...short and to the point!
Here's my buddy entering the Gym...sorry the pic is so dark! Yes, he has a dorky grin on his face...he always does.
This is where they were all sitting down before the concert started....I think he spotted me that is why he is pointing. One of these children decided they didn't want to participate and the teacher had to take him out...he came back in at the last song but started quietly yelling at kids around him...then his baby sister just walked onto the risers (please pay attention to your children)!
Here they are! Mason is in the front row (where he probably will be his entire life since he is a shorty)...second from the left. Dad dressed him this morning so no Christmas colors and he has holes in the knees of his jeans..nice!

Here is a little video for y'all.
Mason is the one who is practicing to be the next Milli Vinilli and he isn't doing such a great job. He doesn't even have his choreography down! I think he is distracted by the girls surrounding him and all the people in the audience....
but hey...some of our top paid celebrities can't sing, can't dance, are distracted girls and guys and are only there for the adoration of the fans who keep buying their crap and putting money in their pockets (seriously Brittany, another come back???)


Ann said...

Those have to be some of the best times as parents. All the little things added up.....(lots of giggles)

I'm having a give-a-way on my blog if you have the time swing over...
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Too Cute! I wish I could have been there! Thanks Rachel, the best next thing. Keep up the good work on posting!
Mom :)