Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fayetteville, NC

Here are a few pictures from downtown Fayetteville

This is the Marketplace in the center of downtown.

I found this sign quite humorous...we don't like panhandlers in WA either; however, we don't make signs to discourage the act!

Unfortunately, we didn't go into this store, but I thought the name was hilarious!!! White Trash & colorful accessories!

This is in front of the Special Forces Museum. All the flags are up in honor of Memorial Day!

Is a funky house in Fayetteville. Doors, doors and more doors! Evidently they go nowhere! It looks like a house was plopped on top of the roof, and there is a door up there as well...I said that is where the bad kids are sent!!

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Nina said...

Wow! This post totally took me home :O) My Dad drove me around the round'about in the first picture and explained the history of how downtown Fayetteville used to be seperated by color and if you lived on the right side of that building you were one color and the left side another color.

I still have family that live in Fayetteville and will have to go back again someday...