Sunday, May 04, 2008

Scrapbook Retreat

Of of my self-portraits.

Me, Holly, Heather, Barb, Shannon and Diane all went scrapbooking this weekend! Yes, that's right a scrapbook weekend. Lots and lots of scrapping, drinking (not our girls), taking pictures, making new friends, catching up with old friends, staying up late and simply having!!!

This is what time I left the scrapbook room on Friday night! Then I was back up at 8am to scrap on Saturday!

This is Jennifer and Stephanie doing the penguin song and dance....Jennifer owns the scrapbook store, Scrapbooks ETC up by Longston Movie theater in Puyallup...Stephanie is her sister....this is what happens when you drink, scrap and stay up REALLY, REALLY late!

This is me showing off my favorite layout at midnight or times.

This is our scrapbook room at the Liberty Inn in Dupont, WA. We stayed at the hotel, had catered lunches and dinners and scrapped all day and all night long. Anyone who is interested in coming to a scrapbook retreat (HOLLY ALEXANDER THIS MEANS YOU!!!) there is going to be another one the first weekend of October at the Liberty Inn.

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Nina said...

Happy NSD weekend!!! Looks like you did it justice!