Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wilmington, NC

Yesterday, Susana and I took a little drive to the Ocean to Wilmington, NC.

This is Wrightsville Beach we went to yesterday in Wilmington, NC. It was hot, but windy! I went swimming in the ocean and LOVED it--even though I felt like a big salt block afterwards. I do have to say that the one thing about living in Washington is that the beaches and ocean aren't quite the same as on the East Coast.

This is me in front of the Battleship North Carolina.
**This is my wenchy picture according to Susana....I have a new swimsuit and I don't really have the chest to fill it out all the way!! Hope no one is offended!!*

This is a fun little shopping center that we went to. It is the size of a city block enclosed with cutesy shops inside. We had a great conversation with the owner of the Ladybug store...she was hilarious!

Inside the City Market was a wall of autographs from celebrities. This one is from Josh Jackson who was on Dawson's Creek which was filmed in Wilmington, NC. One Tree Hill is filmed there now.

We went down the river walk and this picture of Waldo was on the corner! We thought it was funny...great drawing of Waldo!

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Nina said...

I totally think your bathing suit is CUTE!!! And your right the beaches are not the same :O)

Glad to hear your having a relaxing and good time :O)