Saturday, May 17, 2008

Need a reason to visit....

....the St. Louis Airport?

Well, they have these bright blue rocking chairs everywhere for you sit in while you wait for your flight. How cool is that? They obviously are moveable so you can scoot it by your friends/family or strangers that you might be flying with! For people like me who have a THREE hour layover, they are quite nice. I actually was sitting in one for a few minutes, but then I went on a plug-in hunt so I could get on the computer. (I admit that I purchased Internet here at the airport!! UGH!!!).

Well, I'm going to finish surfing the net and checking email before my flight is called!

Happy Armed Forces Day to all past, present and future military men, women and the families that support them~

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Nina said...

Have wonderful time on your trip and safe travels!!!