Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday, November 28, 2008

Daily Agenda:

1. 11:30 pm: (Thursday): Go to bed

2. 4:00 am: Get up (yes, that is only 4 hours of sleep because I was in a new bed and didn't fall asleep right away).

3. 4:05 am: Brush hair, brush teeth, put contacts in, change to clean undies (too tired and no time for a full relaxing shower!).

4. 4:15 am: Get in car and drive off.

5. 4:20 ish am: Get to Starbucks...order a Venti, Peppermint Mocha, Extra with No Whip and have the cutesy wide-awake Barista ask me, "You mean no peppermint whip cream on that peppermint twist?" Well, I guess if I had wanted whip I would have asked for it.

6. 4:30--4:40 am: Drive to Walmart, park, look at the lines and think, "Am I crazy?" and then go join to line of other crazies waiting to get in.

7. 5:00 am: Do the shuffle walk/run with carts like the other Walmart lemmings in hopes of snagging that great big buy that no one else really wants, right? WRONG!!! I'm glad I go there for the deals, but I keep my expectations low and grbbing an $88 dollar Barbie Jeep, or a $200 TV or laptop. Nope, I go for the $2 movies, the picture frames, the $9 flash drive...ya know the small stuff that ends up totaling over $ did that happen.

8. 5:40 am: Get in line to check out.

9. 5:50 am: Still standing in line wondering how I always pick the slow cashier and wondering if anyone in Vancouver, WA was raised with any manners? Yes, you there..the 30 something year old in the gray sweatshirt...yes you! If you find it necessary to push past me and my cart do you think you could at least say excuse me and not show my cart into the person behind me? I respond well to excuse me's, please and thank yous. I don't respond well to A$$ holes like you...CHEER's almost Christmas. I hope you got want to you were so anxiously rushing off towards...but let me tell you, if you are just coming in the store at 5:50 am, you have missed out on the doorbusters!

**Side Note** If you decide to get your butt out of bed at 3 am to drive to stores, stand in line and then fight the crowds to get the best deals...please do not drag your young innocent children into this mess with you. There is no reason why you can't leave them with Dad (he donated the sperm, I think he is capable of watching his own offspring), or Nana/GMA/Grandma (whatever you call that cutesy lady who kisses you on the lips and bakes yummy stuff!); and if they aren't available pay the 12 year old Betsy down the street to come sleep on your couch for a few know your kids would rather be sleeping than shopping! **End of Rant**

10. 6:15 am: Finally get through the check out line...load up my car and off to the next store...TARGET!

11. 6:25--6:30 am: Show up at Target and thank the parking gods for the parking spot two spots in on the row right in front of the door.

12. 6:30--?? am: Wander the store analyzing what I do and don't a few movies (including Annie and a Lady Antebellum CD for myself of course). Move through the organized and fairly fast paced check out line and out the door.

13. 7:15 am (I think...I've kind of lost track of time at this point as I am so tired!): Drive over to Craft I'm not usually allowed in these stores because I am there only to buy for myself and I really don't need anymore scrap/craft stuff; HOWEVER, I had to! That's right...I was forced into Craft Warehouse by the angry mob trying to get in behind me...ok, so maybe I was the mob forcing myself through the front door....ok, ok, ok no FORCE...I deliberately chose to walk through the front door of my own free will!

14: 7:30--8:00 am: First of all, find a bathroom..have to pee, have to pee!!! Then I wander the pressing needs. Turn around the corner and BAM!! There in front of me is a gorgeous wrought iron plate hanger for the wall that holds three plates...and with my 40% off coupon it only cost $11...YEAH ME!! Buy just a few more things.

15. 8:15 am: Drag myself back to my Mom's house...check my email and facebook.

16. 8:45 am: Go back to bed!!!!

17. 1:00 pm: Wake up and shower!

WOW! I kept telling myself (and I subconsciously have Marcie's voice in my ear....even though I know you don't begrudge me my shopping...but I still hear your sense and sensibility on shopping) that I am crazy for even thinking about getting up early and going shopping on Black Friday, but yet I still did it. I have to say though that I didn't jump on the Black Friday bandwagon until last this isn't something I do ALL the time.

This year I even did it all by myself! My Mom was going to come with but her back was hurting and she had to work this afternoon...if I was her I probably would have slept too!

Now I'm off to spend the next few hours reading magazines and books at Borders. Bliss!

Happy Black Friday to all the other crazy shoppers out there!


Marcie said...

I love this part.."Now I'm off to spend the next few hours reading magazines and books at Borders."

That was the most fun of your day and you know it! :)

We decided to skip the whole buy the stuff early in the AM stuff thsi year. Its our 2nd year skipping the AM sales. Well that and I had to work today and I was NOT getting up around 4am to then drag my butt into work.

After having worked TOO many holidays I'm so glad to be on the other side of the register!

I agree, kids need to STAY HOME on Black Friday. They only slow you down anyway.


I am so jealous...sounds like an ideal morning for a shopper like me. Next year I am there with you again and yes, Ellyson & Carter will be home with daddy! Kids, slow moving people and people who can not make a decision are NOT invited! Last year yo and I made a GREAT team - sorry I missed out, although I did go out for about 5 hours with the kids and mom and Heather and all of them were VERY well behaved.

just the five of us said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...Sounds like your day was similiar to mine yesterday. I came home from shopping and napped too, but I didn't get the shower in.

Hope you found all those fantastic deals. Was it raining in Washington when you were out shopping?

Nina said...

I decided this year that I was not familiar enough with the store locations and didn't have my team of ladies for our tactical (but polite) approach to participate in Black Friday.

Hope you got everything you were set out to get and I agree with you...manners should be a priority to more people!

flickrlovr said...

AMEN to the part about people dragging their poor sleepy children around shopping with them...I did Black Friday (well, midnight madness more like it-shopped from 12AM-7AM) and there were SO many babies and kids...I felt so bad! It was nuts out there, I could barely stand it.