Monday, September 21, 2009


I went fishing with my Dad a few weeks ago out on Puget Sound and was expecting big things; however, I went home empty handed...I guess that is the life of a fisherman! LOL!!

We were fishing for Silvers...which means you put your line in the water sink it down towards the bottom and then troll the waters looking for a fish to bite your line!

A few times my Dad pulled the lines to check them and a few tiny fish (2 inches or so) were stuck on the hooks; consequently, the big ones we wanted weren't biting...little suckers!

This is a shot of my Dad's fish finder...

It's kind of cool...shows you the depth, how fast you are going and some other things! Those little fish symbols are actually fish!

Look at all the FISH!!!

Sadly, these weren't silvers but rather pinkies...and we weren't fishing for Dad doesn't really like how they taste.

He did spend about 20 minutes fishing for these just so I could possibly take a fish home...yet, nothing!

That's's good just to spend time with my Dad!

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Bethany said...

Um, that's pretty cool!!! I had no idea there were things like that!!