Monday, September 21, 2009

Opening Day of the Fair

My sister Camille, nieces Dajia and Elly and their cousins Darin and Natalie all went to the opening day of the fair with me! It was packed, it was hot and yet we had a ton of fun! I will be going back this week before the fair is over!!

This is a view overlooking the fair from the Sky Ride which goes from one end of the fair to the other

Me in the Sky Ride!!



She was actually able to find Camille down in the crowd! And amazingly enough...Camille knew which car we were in! She wasn't able to ride because she had a stroller with two little ones, so they walked across and met us on the other side.

The girls were allowed to go on just a few rides (they are simply expensive) and since Natalie was too short to ride the Gondola Ferris Wheel they chose to ride the Giant Slide!

Here is Natalie sticking her landing!

Dajia thought the slide was fantastic!

Here they are in front of the Mama pig and her piglets!

Elliana...cutie patootie

You definitely can't go to the fair without having some cotton candy!! Yummy!!

Just outside the grandstand, where the rodeo was held, they had a big Brahma Bull for people to visit with!

Dajia and Natalie are four days apart (Natalie is actually older); however, Dajia is just tall, tall, tall! If you saw them together you'd think Dajia was at least six months (or more) older than Natalie.

We all had a tons of fun...but really?

Can you go to the fair and NOT have fun?

I think NOT!!!

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Bethany said...

That looks like so much fun!I really enjoy going to fairs :)