Monday, September 21, 2009

Puyallup Fair Parade

The first day of the Puyallup Fair always opens with a cattle drive and parade leading to the Fair!

Holly brought her Grandpa Al to watch the parade with us...

He is the older gentleman in the middle with the white shirt and hat...

This picture cracks me up!

I was trying to get Al's attention and waved at him; however, the guy in front of him must have thought I was waving at him because he (and Al) both waved back to me!!!

Holly and I saw our good friend Jen and her little girl Ava so we sat with them to watch the parade! The main draw of the parade is the cattle drive (the rodeo is the opening activity in the Grandstand before all the concerts)

Later that day I found out that a few of these cows diverted from their pre-determined parade route. As they were clip-clopping down the street a few of them decided to detour into a gas station for a snack! LOL

A wrangler on a horse actually rode in after them to herd them out...

nothing like a little excitement to start the day!We had an Elvis impersonator, uni-cycling, juggler to keep us amused!

My alma mater...Sumner High School (Go Spartans!) High School Marching Band

There were also wagons, carriages, military men and other marching bands leading the way to the Fair. After the parade you were able to get in free to the Fair for the first couple of hours. My sister Camille and I took advantage of the free admission!

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