Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fayetteville Here I Come!

Oh how super exciting...I'm headed off to Fayetteville, North Carolina is just a few short months. I bought my ticket today for only $240...I have to say that is quite a steal! Granted I have to drive to the Seattle area on a Friday night and have my wonderful friend Holly take me to the airport on a Saturday morning...but it was so much cheaper than flying out of Spokane.

Originally, I was going to go during the kids' Spring Break and possibly take my Mexican Maddy; however, I re-read Jeff Dunham's tour schedule and he is going to be in Fayetteville on May 18th! I know that it might seem kind of selfish to go visit my best friend based on when a ventriloquist comedian is going to be in her neck of the woods...but hey! He's playing and the tickets were cheaper than!! He is the guy I had tickets to earlier this month but couldn't go because the pass was closed due to snow, snow, and more snow!

Seriously though, I am super excited to visit NC. I haven't seen Susana in over a year and a half, I get to enjoy the "east coast/south" during the warm season (possibly go to the beach one day), I get to enjoy coffee and Spanish goodies at Cafe Espana and I get a week off of work! Lovely, just lovely!

So when am I going? May 17--May 22nd...did I mention this was also the week right before Susana's birthday? Yep, her b-day is May 24th, and I'll be there to help her ease into her, 29th year of life!!!


Nina said...

My brother said it has been in the 70's and setting records for this time of the year! Lucky! Soak in some of that warm, beautiful sun for me!

How did u get a steal on the tickets? Have a great time!

Rachel Ann said...

Lots and lots of searching the web; changing dates and airports...I guess Raleigh/Durham isn't too far away and is cheaper than flying into Fayetteville.

Marcie said...

How exciting!!! Girls trip!!! have a blast when you finally go & I'm really glad you found a good deal on airfare we need to do the same for Vegas Baby! HA!

Nina said...

I usually fly into Raleigh and drive to Fayetteville. It's not that bad of a drive...

Have tons of fun! And thanjks for the bbysttr info :O)